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Enzymes: The Sparks of Life


by Anthony .

by Anthony J. Cichoke, DC, PhD

Are you enzyme deficient? What does it mean to be deficient in the "sparks of life?" Enzymes are a necessary presence in everything that lives; a body without sufficient enzymes will begin to suffer from poor digestion, signs of premature aging, joint stiffness and low energy levels. Happily, increased enzyme intake can reverse these and other symptoms, and Dr. Anthony Cichokeis most qualified to enlighten readers on this subject. Chicoke is an internationally recognized physician and educator with a lifelong interest in enzyme therapy. With several books already to his credit, "Dr. Enzyme" as he is also known, now distills his most pertinent teachings into this simple alive Natural Health Guide, Enzymes: The Sparks of Life.

Cichoke clearly and easily introduces enzyme function to readers. He describes how the body must use up valuable resources when forced to digest excess amounts of enzyme-dead foods. He includes a helpful list of everyday foods to boost the body's enzyme status. Adding fresh foods from his suggested list is but one of a five-step program towards better enzyme health. Cichoke has used enzyme therapy to successfully treat more than 150 health conditions--particularly those related to inflammation and circulation.

The author demystifies the four categories of enzyme supplements (protease, amylase, lipase and antioxidants) with a discussion of suitability and dosages. His emphasis, however, is on fresh enzyme-rich foods that can easily be added to the diet. With the help of whole foods chef Fred Edrissi, the book offers a straightforward set of enzyme-rich recipes to please the palate and the body. The uncooked Fresh from the Garden Soup, for example, maximizes enzyme potential through flavour blending without using enzyme-killing heat. Each recipe teaches enzyme-saving awareness and techniques that can be used in everyday meal preparation.

Thanks to Dr. Cichoke for raising awareness of enzymes in all aspects of healthy body function and for providing readers with renewed appreciation for the "sparks of life."

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