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Eye-Opening Homeopathic Solutions


Eye-Opening Homeopathic Solutions

Our poor eyes! They suffer more and more abuses from the effects of modern living. Many of us spend much of our time focusing on computer screens and paper work.

Our poor eyes! They suffer more and more abuses from the effects of modern living. Many of us spend much of our time focusing on computer screens and paper work. What is more, we often work in environments where the lighting is fluorescent or halogen rather than natural daylight and where the air is stale from re-circulation, or is dry and air-conditioned.

This tires our eyes. We keep them focused at a short distance, instead of exercising eye muscles by gazing back and forth from near to far objects. It also dries our eyes, making them more sensitive to light and irritants.

Working in manufacturing or processing facilities often involves constant exposure to airborne particles or chemicals, while those who work outside have environmental pollutants to deal with. Then surfing the net or watching TV at night compounds eye problems, as does wearing contact lenses.

We protect our faces from the effects of sun, wind and pollutants, forgetting that our eyes are exposed to all the same insults and can also be helped by some attention.

In addition, some people suffer allergies to pollens, molds, dust or animal dander. These may just be mildly annoying to eyes, or they can lead to itchiness, puffiness and watering, sometimes severe enough to impair normal function. As it is often impossible to avoid the substances that trigger these reactions, people with allergies have to find healthy ways to soothe and heal their eyes.

The good news is that there is natural help! Homeopathic eye drops not only ease the discomfort in the short run, but also promote the healing and strengthening of the eye tissues to cope with such aggravations better in future. These homeopathic drops are prepared in saline solution that is easily absorbed through the membranes of the eye, so they don’t just lubricate and soothe, they also heal.

They typically contain a number of remedies that have been carefully combined to complement each other in their action and they can be used as often as necessary, even if you wear contact lenses.

Blink And You’re Better

Certain homeopathic remedies are known for their ability to address a variety of eye symptoms. These include aches and pains; stinging or burning; blurred or dimmed vision; sensitivity to light or draughts; swellings of and discharges from the eye. But you don’t have to suffer all of those symptoms for the remedies to work wonderfully for you!

Below is a brief list of symptoms associated with remedies that commonly help with eye problems:

Apis–red, puffy eyelids; stinging or burning pains.

Calcarea fluorica–flickering or sparks before the eyes; inflammation of the eye surface or inner eyelids.

Calendula officinalis–swelling or tenderness from physical irritation, minor injury or overwork.

Cineraria maritima–dimmed vision due to overwork or minor injury.

Euphrasia officinalis–sensitivity to light; aching eyes; swollen lids; watery or thick discharge from the eyes that may cause a burning sensation, blurred vision or lids sticking together in the morning.

Kalium muriaticum–a sensation as if there is sand in the eye; light sensitivity; yellowish or green discharge; small ulcers or blisters on the eye surface.

Magnesia carbonica–black spots in front of the eyes; eyes that are too dry or too watery; inflammation with burning.

Silicea–swelling; tenderness; pain; watering; sensitivity to breezes or draughts; ulcerations of the edges of the lids.

And remember, when a homeopathic remedy relieves the discomfort, it is also helping your body to heal.



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