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Feelings Stuck?


My car had broken down once again. Rescued by Tom, the tow truck driver, I was happy to talk freely when he asked about my profession. "Maybe homeopathy could help, he said.

My car had broken down once again. Rescued by Tom, the tow truck driver, I was happy to talk freely when he asked about my profession.

"Maybe homeopathy could help," he said. His brother was temperamental, his wife depressed, and his daughter often felt lonely. In short, he had his hands full.

While it is vital to see a homeopath for the nuances of mood disorders, I always enjoy recounting stories of how homeopathy can help. Exceptional because remedies rebalance the body-mentally, emotionally, and physically-homeopathic remedies are chosen for their similarity to a person's characteristics and not by diagnosis.

I told Tom the story of a young man who was in court with his business partner. The man could not stand up for himself and replayed this humiliation repeatedly in his mind until he was sleepless and headachy. The remedy Staphysagria helped him let go of his experience and regain peace of mind as it can help in abusive situations where shame and anger combine with a blow to self-esteem.

I then told Tom about a woman who experienced deep loss after her years of research failed. She fell into despair, feeling totally empty and hopeless. Aurum metallicum was the appropriate remedy. It works wonders for depression in serious, duty-bound people who are full of idealism and regret.

In yet another case, an ambitious student burned out after working long hours. She couldn't sleep, felt terrible in the morning, and was irritable, hurried, and impulsive for the rest of the day. She had recurring stomach aches since she always ate on the run. Nux vomica helped calm her and her stomach.

In each of these cases the homeopathic remedy soothed symptoms.

The situation with Tom's wife reminded me of an independent, capable mother of three who came to me with menstrual problems. She had become overwhelmed and frustrated in her caregiving role, turning weepy, critical, and indifferent to the needs of her family. This alarmed her, but Sepia helped regulate her periods and she was able to reconnect and better vocalize her needs in the family. Sepia is often needed during hormonal changes at puberty and menopause.

Two teenagers needing remedies for moodiness received Ignatia and Natrum muriaticum, both important remedies for persistent grief. Ignatia helped balance a moody girl who felt neglected and misunderstood but could not share these feelings with anyone. She swallowed her emotions and fought back tears, always feeling a lump in her throat. If anyone tried to help her she would only become more upset. Natrum muriaticum assisted an over-sensitive teenager whose feelings were constantly hurt. She had built a protective wall around herself, appearing reserved and unable to share her feelings. She could not help but hold grudges and replay painful experiences in her mind, but this improved after taking the remedy.

We can all relate to these stories and to Tom's family situation. When we become stuck in our feelings or they become overwhelming, homeopathy is a natural, holistic, and gentle way to rebalance body and mind.



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