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If you've ever suffered a health problem or been close to someone who has, you know how improving nutrition can improve health. Knowing what foods to eat is just as important as knowing why we need to eat them.

If you've ever suffered a health problem or been close to someone who has, you know how improving nutrition can improve health. Knowing what foods to eat is just as important as knowing why we need to eat them.

If you're passionate about good nutrition, perhaps you should pursue a career as a Nutritional Consultant. The alive Academy of Natural Health offers individual certificate courses that lead to one of the four diploma programs: Health and Nutrition Diploma, Advanced Nutrition Diploma, Community Health Advisor and Nutritional Consulting Diploma.

The Advisor Certifications include: Registered Nutritional Product Advisor (RNPA) and Registered Sports Nutrition Advisor (RSNA).

These diplomas are a great way to get involved in natural health, which remains one of the fastest growing industries in North America. Baby boomers in the population bulge are choosing to eat healthier as they try to fight or slow the aging process. Meanwhile Generation Xers have grown up hearing about the dangers of chemicals and pesticides in processed foods. As a result, the natural health industry is growing rapidly, and the demand for professionals in this industry will only increase.

Now entering its second decade, the alive Academy has achieved accreditation with the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants, registration with the Private Post-Secondary Education Commission of BC, and endorsement by the Canadian Health Food Association, British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association, College of Massage Therapists of BC and Ontario, Canadian Sports Massage Therapists Association, and various boards of education in BC.

Students find the convenience of distance education allows them flexibility to study when and where they choose. Admission to the alive Academy of Natural Health is open throughout the year, allowing you to enrol and begin your studies at any time.

The Academy offers courses in Applied Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Environmental Science, General, Organic, & Biochemistry, Vegetarian Nutrition, and Herbs & Healing, Family Health & Nutrition, and Digestion: Your Inner Path to True Health. The Applied Nutrition course, which is the basis of all the diploma programs, helps students gain an understanding about proper nutrition, how it is lacking in processed foods, and how this can be alleviated.

Many foods on our grocery shelves today go through processing procedures where additives, chemicals, and dyes are added to perfectly healthy foods. These practices can lead to a staggering list of health conditions such as arthritis, aging, unbalanced blood sugar levels, allergies, obesity, mental problems and children's development issues. Using natural foods and supplements are methods that are discussed in great depth, including ways to help combat these issues. Course content has been developed by experts in the field of nutrition such as naturopathic doctors, herbalists, nutritionists, various authors of the alive Encyclopedia of Natural Health and registered sales trainers.

Step-by-step instructions guide students through every stage of the program. Everything is included: course notes, study aids, audiovisual aids, and textbooks that will become an excellent reference library for years to come. A toll-free help-line and a student services team are available to assist students. For students with computer access, an Academy Online Learning Centre is available to provide students with immediate test results, complete access to their tests and grades and the opportunity to share ideas with fellow students through an online forum.

The courses at the alive Academy of Natural Health provide the skills to pursue employment in many different areas, including consulting within a private clinic, chiropractic office, massage therapy clinic, fitness centre, or therapeutic spa. Graduates may also choose to participate in public speaking, writing and journalism, and corporate consulting. The list is almost endless.

We encourage you to take a step toward successfully achieving your personal and professional goals, and enrol in one of our programs.

Public awareness of natural health is at an all time high. Don't miss the opportunity to develop your knowledge so that you can help others eat and live well.

You may be a potential student for the alive Academy of Natural Health if you:

  • are interested in nutritional knowledge for personal and family health
  • are considering a career change
  • want to practise nutritional consulting and natural health care for medical, health, and wellness, as well as fitness purposes
  • are interested in the flexibility of a home-based business
  • work in or own a health food store and need sales training and product knowledge
  • work for a manufacturer and need training in nutritional consulting

Certificates and diplomas are issued on successful completion of the program and can be proudly displayed to highlight competence and credibility. As a graduate of the alive Academy of Natural Health you will:

  • have the credentials to provide nutritional advice
  • have the knowledge needed to live a healthy, natural lifestyle
  • build customer confidence and loyalty
  • increase product sales
  • help businesses provide customers with the best possible service in natural healing
  • give businesses the edge over the competition
  • be a motivated and integral part of the sales force

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