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From Disease Comes a Plan


Life was great back in the fall of 1990

Life was great back in the fall of 1990. I was happy, lived in a beautiful estate in Hawaii and my work as Chairman of the Public Transit Authority was exciting and rewarding. Then, out of the blue, urination became painful. I found myself wanting to urinate a lot.

Subsequent testing resulted in a diagnosis of prostate cancer. I was advised to either have my prostate removed immediately or subject myself to radiation treatments right away. Fortunately I had done some research and knew that prostate cancer tends to grow slowly. I had time to investigate my options.

Acting against medical advice, I began to develop my own healing plan one that would get to the root of the problem and not just remove the symptoms. Between January and March 1991, I earnestly put this program into action. Within only three months, my prostate shrunk to a more normal size and shape. There were none of the nodules or hard spots indicative of a tumour.

I was delighted to have healed myself of prostate cancer without subjecting myself to the surgery or radiation that my doctors told me was absolutely necessary and I'm happier than ever.

The program I followed is based on a simple premise, proven by the 1931 Nobel Prize-winning work of German scientist Professor Otto Warburg: cancer cells cannot live in a balanced pH, oxygenated environment. Since most of us have bodies that are highly acidic from an accumulation of fats and toxins, this program is centered on getting the body into pH balance and oxygenating the blood so that cancer cells cannot survive.

To accomplish these goals, there are three priorities.

The Ultimate Fast

Fasting cleanses the colon and organs of toxins, including parasites. Results can be seen in about one week. The ultimate fast lasts for eight days. The cleansing process, however, continues for 90 days after the fast, gently and effectively clearing your body of toxins and parasites.

During this time, you consume a tonic made of fresh lemon or lime juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and pure water.

Designed to rest and cleanse your colon, eliminate parasites, flush many of the accumulated toxins from your body and begin the process of returning your cellular pH to normal, the ultimate fast is easy to follow. It's based on a lemonade drink you can easily make either at home or on the road.

In a 10-ounce glass mix two tablespoons fresh organic lemon or lime juice (absolutely no canned or frozen juice). Add two tablespoons grade B or C genuine maple syrup. Grade A maple syrup is over-refined and lacks essential minerals. Throw in cayenne pepper to taste. Fill an eight-ounce glass with spring or purified water at room temperature. Mix all the ingredients by thoroughly stirring or shaking.

If you want to make more at one time follow these directions:

Divide the juice of three lemons equally into two one-quart bottles (about three ounces per bottle). Add an equal quantity of grade B or C maple syrup in each bottle (about three ounces). Throw a pinch of cayenne in each bottle. Fill bottles to the top with spring or purified water. Mix all the ingredients by thoroughly shaking.

Fasting, which historically has been a part of human culture, is a very effective way to eliminate the toxins that accumulate in our systems. The ultimate fast is the essential beginning, or cornerstone, of a journey back to a state of health in which cancer cannot live.

Biological Terrain Assessment

Biological terrain assessment (BTA) is a complicated test used to measure the pH levels of the body, determining the body's weaknesses and pinpointing where it needs help. The BTA is a tool to facilitate fine-tuning, rebuilding and pH rebalancing. The test also monitors the redox (reduction-oxygenation) and resistivity in the blood, saliva and urine. Balancing your pH levels is done after a cleanse because they cannot be rebalanced until after all toxins are removed. Make sure the assessment is performed by a qualified practitioner then have follow-up BTAs performed as recommended.

Biological Dentistry

A biological dentist will find and correct any problems (amalgam fillings, root canal, hidden infections) in the mouth. While the connection between oral health and prostate cancer is often overlooked, I have seen this to be a major component in prostate deterioration for many men. Simmering infections in the mouth are breeding grounds for germs that may ultimately overpower or outwit the immune system.

These germs can spread far and wide. In my own recovery, correcting oral infections homeopathically was a major step. Also, the toxicity from amalgam fillings can negatively impact your state of wellness, including the health of your prostate. For more information on biological dentistry, visit the website of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology at

In addition to the three steps above, there's one more that's essential. It's imperative for men with prostate cancer to develop their own individualized personal healing plan. Consider improvements in your diet, regular exercise, stress reduction techniques such as meditation, prostate massage, emotional release work and sexual healing.

Since prostate cancer usually progresses slowly, you are likely to have time to take 90 days or less to see if alternative treatments will work for you. So why not try this before subjecting yourself to expensive, invasive medical procedures that often have permanent, unwanted side-effects? Consult alternative practitioners in your area for further advice and support.

Ultimate Fast Shopping List

  • Seven to eight organic lemons per day
  • Eight ounces (227 ml) grade B or C maple syrup per day
  • One bottle cayenne pepper
  • Four to six juice bottles one-quart (1.13 l) size
  • Colander (don't use aluminum)
  • One dozen throat or popsicle sticks
  • A citrus juicer (electric recommended)
  • Two bottles parasite protocol
  • One bottle bentonite minerals
  • Four to five teaspoons psyllium powder per day
  • One set of measuring spoons (plastic, not aluminum)
  • One box uniodized sea salt
  • Two gallons spring water per day
  • Herbal teas especially mint (optional)
  • Skin brush (optional)
  • Tongue scraper (optional)


A Seat at the Table

A Seat at the Table

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