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Health Hazards of Plastic


Open the fridge and you're likely to see some sort of plastic container a squeeze condiment or that kitchen favourite, plastic wrap.

While most chefs would find it difficult to part with plastic: making a few careful choices can go a long way toward

Flexible plastics are likely to contain plasticizers called phthalates, which have been linked to birth defects and cancer. Some plastics can leach chemicals into food at high temperatures, so most experts caution against microwaving plastic.

In rigid polycarbonate plastic items such as cutlery, food containers, and baby bottles is a substance called bisphenol A, which possesses estrogen-mimicking effects and is linked to increased risk of prostate and breast cancer, and lowered fertility.

Hormone mimickers have become an environmental concern, along with plastics that cannot be recycled and eventually pile up in landfills. The amount of energy expended to make one plastic bottle from raw materials is the equivalent to running a 60-watt light for two days.

To reduce plastic consumption, avoid excess packaging and disposable items and take canvas bags shopping.



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