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Dr Hulda Clark takes only "the most terminal of the terminal" cancer patients at her Mexico clinic

Dr Hulda Clark takes only "the most terminal of the terminal" cancer patients at her Mexico clinic. So successful are Dr Clark's protocols for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases, she focuses only on the worst cases.

The first time I saw this soft-spoken biophysics specialist from Sask-atchewan, she had mesmerized a Toronto audience of over 500 people with her remarkable discoveries about the cause and treatment of killer diseases. What could she know that had clearly changed so many lives and prompted her to write such books as The Cure For All Diseases and The Cure For All Cancers? And why were so many people attending Dr Clark's next morning workshop on how to build and use her electronic "zappers" and "synchrometers?"

The case histories described in Dr Clark's books provide quick insight. Her treatment has caused the reversal of not only these but other serious conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer's, infertility and multiple sclerosis in hundreds of patients. The explanations are fascinating, and a critical threat to the medical establishment and chemical industries.

Parasites and Toxins

Dr Clark's primary success stems from her discovery that people today are unnaturally and heavily infested with fluke parasites as a result of solvents and other toxins in food, drink, household products and the environment. These parasites overload our liver function. Toxins and solvents in animal feed form a parasite reservoir in livestock and pets. Each solvent weakens a specific organ, allowing various flukes to complete their life cycles within the human body instead of in nature's original external animal host. This is how the trouble begins.

In the case of cancer, a common flatworm called the human intestinal fluke takes hold in the liver. Adult stages would normally stay in the intestine, causing colitis-type symptoms or no symptoms at all. It would release fluke eggs through the bowels and any reaching the bloodstream would be destroyed by the liver. Today, this often doesn't happen.

When people inadvertently eat too much food mould (especially aflatoxins), the common solvent isopropyl accumulates in the liver, causing it to malfunction. Dr Clark finds all cancer patients to have propyl chemicals in their livers while people without cancer do not. This liver overload allows fluke hatchlings to grow anywhere in the body, Dr Clark has discovered. They produce growth factors that stimulate cancer and disease in surrounding tissue. In the uterus, she says, young flukes cause endometriosis; in the kidney, Hodgkin's disease; and in the thymus (with excess benzene in the body), acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

The Herbal Arsenal

Luckily, it's easy to kill these parasites and it's certainly possible to eliminate many solvents, moulds and other toxins. Dr Clark shuns patented antifungal drugs since we each have dozens of the 120 different common human parasites and reactions to these drugs can be severe. Instead, she recommends three herbs that kill over 100 types of parasites without side-effects. These are black walnut hull (green tincture form), wormwood (from the garden-variety Artemesia absynthium, in capsules) and common cloves (fresh ground, in capsules). A treatment takes about three weeks, with occasional follow-ups. Children and pets should also be treated. These and other herbs described for liver and kidney cleanses, as well as the vitamins and other supplements recommended, are available at health food stores.

Cleaning Up

The propyl alcohol family are compounds containing the root word "prop," and are numerous but easily replaced with other products. Banish rubbing alcohol and most hairspray, mouthwash and shaving products, shampoo, mousse and lotions, artificial food colours and flavours. Solvent-filled paints and other chemicals should be kept out of the house. Getting rid of aflatoxins means not eating mouldy food, processed cereals, breads and peanut butter or drinking beer.

Dr Clark lists other common sources, recommending lots of vitamin C, which helps the liver detoxify moulds and can purify rice and pasta. Eating natural foods and avoiding rarely cooked or processed meat are crucial steps. You'll eliminate much benzene poisoning as well.

Like flukes, bacterial parasites also produce growth factors that may stimulate cancer. Clark has found dental bacteria from cavities, root canals and crowns to be major culprits in the disease process that are not effectively killed by the walnut hull, cloves and wormwood. Infected teeth must be removed and cavitations cleaned. Silver amalgam fillings, a source of highly toxic mercury, should be replaced with safer materials.

Other persistent bacteria like salmonella and shigella from past food poisoning (often undiagnosed) can be treated orally with medical iodine. Hydrogen peroxide is used orally for other cases.



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