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Health plus Health Plus Inc. is recognized as a leader in the use of psyllium and other premium products in the health foods industry in the United States and now in Canada.

Health plus

Health Plus Inc. is recognized as a leader in the use of psyllium and other premium products in the health foods industry in the United States and now in Canada. All products sold in Canada have DIN numbers and are manufactured in California in an FDA approved facility.

Health Plus provides a complete line of internal cleansers and pin-point detox and cleansing products. The body's first line of defence is a healthy colon and with our Colon Cleanse Line you can support your body's ability to eliminate toxic buildup. Our Super Colon Cleanse, a combination of psyllium together with nine other herbs and acidophilus, is a market leader.

Your internal organs need all the help they can get in fighting the effects of environmental toxins. Health Plus has formulated a complete new Total Body Cleansing System, consisting of Liver Cleanse, Kidney Cleanse, Heart Cleanse, Blood Cleanse, Adrenal Cleanse, Joint Cleanse, and Prostate Cleanse to help support internal organs. These carefully formulated products are designed to cleanse on a cellular level. We have also added astazanthin to our product line, which is a powerful antioxidant.

Health Plus products are available in Canada at Tara International (604-244-1888) and True North (1-800-261-4223).

Magistral for men only

Immunotec Research Ltd., a Montreal company, is proud to announce Magistral For Men Only, a unique supplement for men with prostate problems. In fact, 50 per cent of men over forty and 80 per cent over fifty have urinary and sexual potency problems. Magistral For Men Only is a safe, natural and fast-acting liquid herbal remedy that is proven to consistently support and maintain prostate health. Proprietary technology extracts only the active oil portion of the saw palmetto berry; it is therefore more bioactive and potent than most other available saw palmetto remedies. It contains four other extensively researched herbs: ginkgo biloba (increased circulation), panax ginseng (mental, physical performance as well as immunological), damiana (used for fatigue and as an aphrodisiac) and muira puama (may be helpful for decreased libido and erectile dysfunction). Thousands of men have used Magistral For Men Only with success, with many men noticing welcome relief within a few days. 1-877-223-5858

High potency herbs come to Canada

Sanhelios®, one of Europe's leading GMP producers of herbal supplements, is launching their new hi-potency, One Per Day formulations in Canada. For example, Sanhelios CurbitaT Bladder Caps, containing 1000 mg of the rare curbita pumpkinseed oil, strengthens the bladder with only one capsule per day. CimiWomanT is a hi-potency, once daily formula that provides relief for hot flashes, anxiety, mood changes, and sweats. And Circu Caps® is a once daily circulation-boosting formula for legs that feel heavy. For information about Sanhelios®, contact Astra Distributors Ltd. at 1-800-799-3332.

Great-tasting fish oils

Our high quality oils taste great because they're fresh, not oxidized. It's only the not-so-fresh fish oils that taste ... well ... fishy.

In fact, independent lab tests show Nordic Naturals' oils are 10 to 30 times fresher than other brands. Plus, our patented flavouring process gives our oils and capsules a light, natural fruity flavour. So it's no surprise we were awarded the 2003 gold metal for best tasting fish oil in a blind taste test by the American Tasting Institute.

Start feeling your best today.

Try the Nordic Naturals brand of fruit flavoured fish oils, and you be the judge!

Nordic Naturals-We'll change the way you feel about fish oils!

Available at quality health food stores. Call Ecotrend at 1-800-665-7065, e-mail; or call Ecomax at 1-800-668-4559, e-mail, or visit our Web site at

Restore hair vitality

Hair loss is not always irreversible. When stress, lifestyle, health and even hair grooming products cause excessive scalp perspiration and sebum production, an ongoing follicle plugging process follows. That process chokes hair by restricting the flow of protein and blood from the hair root. Women then experience progressively thinner hair and men develop the familiar male bald pattern. But in either case, the hair root may be a long way from dead. Margo Alive Triple Action Hair Restoring System can and does help restore hair growth. The herbs in the popular shampoo, and penetrating and revitalizing lotion combo kit go a long way toward ridding the follicles of the damaging plugs and stimulating growth from within the root. The economically priced kit lasts three to four months. To get more information about availability call toll free 1-800-667-1022 or visit

Gaiam provides complete programs in the Health Solutions kits and DVDs

On August 26, 2003, KOCH Vision launched a new series of health and wellness DVDs called Health Solutions. These programs were developed by Gaiam, a lifestyle company that produces goods and services for customers who value healthy living and personal development. KOCH distributes Gaiam's pilates videos, kits, and accessories in Canada.

The Health Solutions line offers remedies for health concerns that affect millions of people. The first two DVDs focus on sleep and stress relief with solutions people can incorporate into daily life, including tips on relaxation, breathing, meditation, morning and evening workouts, and nutritional plans and recipes.

In addition to the Gaiam Health Solutions DVDs, there are several Health Solutions kits that contain various combinations of aromatherapy essential oils, resistance bands and cords, tension relief tools, videos and relaxing music CDs.

Eat the Atkins® way

Do your consumers think there isn't anything to eat on Atkins®? Well, they're wrong. Atkins® is about cutting out processed foods full of carbo-hydrates such as sugar and white flour, and eating a wide variety of protein-rich foods such as fish and chicken, and leafy green vegetables rich in key nutrients.

With Atkins®, your consumers won't even have to miss out on great-tasting candy treats. You can help them by offering sweet and satisfying Atkins EndulgeTM chocolate treats, available in three sinfully delicious flavours: Caramel Nut Chew, Peanut Butter Cup, and Peanut Butter Wafer Crisp.

Consumers love the fact that they can satisfy their cravings for candy and chocolate with only two to four grams Net Atkins CountTM per bar. You'll love how they further ignite the explosive sales of Atkins®.

Visit for more information about doing Atkins®, and Atkins' full line of products.


Created over 40 years ago to help with world hunger, SEACURE has been clinically proven to support the structure of the intestinal lining with incredible, pre-digested whole food in the form of protein peptides!

As a doctor-recommended, clinically proven digestive aid, SEACURE is an extraordinary nutritional breakthrough for intestinal health. Made from pure white fish found in the depths of the North Pacific Ocean, SEACURE is nearly 100 per cent absorbable and provides potent protein, powerful omega-3 fatty acids, trace minerals, and peptides for digestion and pain relief.

SEACURE has been shown to drastically improve leaky gut syndrome, reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and strengthen weakened immune systems due to malnourishment. Containing no whey, soy, wheat, or gluten, SEACURE is also low in salt, cholesterol, and saturated fats. SEACURE is available from Practical Nutrition. Call toll-free at 1-800-528-0791 or visit on-line at



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