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Help for a Broken Heart


Homeopathy can help with the emotions that surround loss

Homeopathy can help with the emotions that surround loss. Not everyone needs treatment, but if grief is overwhelming or a person has difficulty working through the grieving process, then homeopathic remedies can certainly be of benefit. They work by stimulating the person's own vitality to resolve the block or cope with the extreme emotional trauma. Homeopathic remedies will not interfere with sedatives and sleeping pills and, if necessary, can be used alongside them.

The first grief remedy to think about is Ignatia. In this case, the person often has alternating moods, hysterically laughing one minute and weeping the next. Loud sighing is frequently a strong symptom. The sensation of a weight in the chest or a lump in the throat is often present and sometimes there may be a desire to desperately avoid crying, only to give way to sobbing uncontrollably. Often peculiar unexplainable illnesses that appear immediately after the death of a spouse will need Ignatia to cure the illness and the underlying grief simultaneously. One dose of Ignatia in a 30C or 200C potency dissolved under the tongue (repeated nightly if needed) can perform miracles for a bereaved person with these symptoms.

Another remedy to keep in mind is Natrum muriaticum. Nat-mur is similar to Ignatia, but is less known for hysterical symptoms and more for anger and withdrawal. Aversion to being comforted by friends or family is a hallmark characteristic, and occasionally a craving for salty food is seen. Sighing is frequent, just as with Ignatia. It is not uncommon for illnesses to begin shortly after the loss of a loved one in cases where Nat-mur is needed.

People who benefit from Nat-mur have a hard time letting go, especially if there are unresolved issues or conflicts in the relationship. They will often exert their formidable willpower to either not cry or cry only in private. They organize the funeral, hold the wake in their home and sort out the estate, never allowing themselves to grieve properly. Natrum muriaticum in a 30C or 200C (one dose) will do wonders to help these people come to grips with the underlying emotions that they seem to have lost contact with or the grief they can't seem to resolve.

With only these two homeopathic remedies, Ignatia and Natrum muriaticum, the pain of loss felt by all human beings in the various forms of grief can be greatly relieved and resolution found easier.



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