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Herbs Soothe the Savage Throat


Modern science tells us that the flu and the scratchy throat that accompanies it, are caused by a virus that renders antibiotics useless. Aspirin and Tylenol-type drugs are no cure-all either.

Modern science tells us that the flu and the scratchy throat that accompanies it, are caused by a virus that renders antibiotics useless. Aspirin and Tylenol-type drugs are no cure-all either. In fact they will prolong the illness since the fever is no longer present to thwart the virus. Chicken soup, vitamin C, rose hip tea with honey, echinacea are all old standbys and most likely will continue to be.

What does homeopathy have to offer? In the homeopathic repertoire there are 49 medicines listed for scratchy throats. Listed below are indications for some of these medicines.

Gelsemium sempervirens or yellow jasmine is an excellent medicine for the flu and scratchy throat syndrome. One should display droopy eyelids, indifference to everything and a lack of thirst. There also may be muscle weakness, trembling, chills and a desire to be left alone. Factors that may precipitate this condition are attributed to those people who take on too much responsibility and then feel overwhelmed, perhaps even to the point of wanting to escape.

Eupatorium perfoliatium or boneset has been used for centuries as a flu medicine. Typically the patient has chills and other flu symptoms. What stands out is soreness of the flesh and aching bones that feel like they’re broken. There is much thirst for cold drinks.

Nux vomica or colubrina is called for when there are chills and a great sensitivity to cold. Other typical flu symptoms are likely be present. The temperament of the individual that needs Nux is mean, irritable, impatient, overly ambitious, controlling and competitive. Pent up with too much coffee and long hours at work, they get offended easily and make bad company for their spouses, children and friends. They like order in everything they do. If things are not neat and tidy, they may blow up in anger or have a temper tantrum. In adults this anger may be suppressed or held in.

In general these people try to accomplish too much in a short time. They feel hyped up and full of tension. A dose of Nux vomica 30C every week for a month will do them a lot of good. It will cure the scratchy throat and give them the idea that success is not the only value in life. Nux will give them a new perspective.

Baryta carbonica can be a very useful medicine for sore scratchy throats as well as tonsillitis and other acute infections. Usually patients have swollen glands, a pale face and great sensitivity to cold.

The personality of Baryta carbonica is exactly the opposite of Nux vomica. Baryta carbonica persons are very shy, timid, lack confidence and feel indecisive. They are especially sensitive to how other people view them, to the point where they constantly believe they are being watched and that the onlooker is acutely aware of the imperfections that they see. They can become obsessed with dressing in the best clothes, having every hair in place and putting on a perfect image, as if they were cut out of a fashion magazine. But there are some characteristics that the person has no control over, such as a big nose, small breasts or large hips and these become a continual frustration for them. Even after cosmetic surgery or years at the gym they don’t feel perfect and live with constant anxiety of never being accepted by others.

Again the 30C potency of Baryta carbonica taken once a week for four weeks, then once a month for three months, will do much to rebuild their immune system and give them a new sense of identity.

Belladonna is well indicated when the patient has eyes that have become very sensitive to light, the skin is dry, there is a high fever and heat radiates from the body. Belladonna people are self determined individuals. They may be stubborn, angry and willful.

Magnesia carbonica can also be useful for scratchy throats. Typically the person that needs it will wake up feeling unrefreshed, it may take a couple of hours to feel awake. These people are mild in temperament and don’t like any type of argument or conflict. It seems they have usually had a history of being left out or abandoned, they therefore fear that if they make objections or become too assertive they will once again be rejected.

It’s a good remedy to consider for a child who’s parents have been divorced or if a big move left the patient with no friends. As with all the medicines listed above 30C is the best potency to start with. One dose will tell you if it’s correct as a week later there should be an improvement in the physical and emotional symptoms.

If you would like to learn how homeopathy can help you and your family with colds, flu and ear infections, visit your nearest homeopathic practitioner.



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