Homeopathic Rescue for Bladder Infections

Homeopathic Rescue for Bladder Infections

Susan felt a familiar tugging, burning sensation while urinating and felt like she had to go again just minutes later. Having suffered through bladder infections before, she knew how to treat herself naturally.

As a woman with a bladder infection, Susan was not alone. At least one out of every five women experiences the discomfort of bladder infections, also known as cystitis, a minimum of once a year. Many women who have repeated infections will also suffer a kidney infection, which emphasizes the importance of treating bladder infections quickly and completely.

Choosing Remedies and Dosages

Correctly chosen homeopathic remedies boost the immune system and act fast to resolve infections. Begin by choosing the one remedy that most suits the symptoms you experience. Take that remedy three times, two hours apart. If the symptoms are very strong, repeat every half hour, three times. Choose the next suitable remedy if symptoms do not improve within this time.

If you experience lower back pain along with cystitis, you may have a more serious kidney infection. Seek professional advice if you have severe pain that does not quickly resolve or if your bladder infection continues.

Homeopathy to the Rescue

Take each of the following homeopathic remedies in 30c potency.

Cantharis is the most popular remedy for bladder infections and works well when pain is the guiding symptom. The person may feel frenzied, experiencing intense urging but able to pass only a few drops of urine.

Nux vomica is ideal when frequent urging is the primary symptom. Besides the typical pain when passing urine, the urge is never fully satisfied. People who need this remedy are typically sensitive to anger or are easily chilled.

Pulsatilla is another common remedy for bladder infections when the pain occurs with the urge to urinate, or the pain comes and goes. Choose this remedy if the infection began after getting the feet wet and cold. People who need Pulsatilla often feel better when someone looks after them and they may be weepy.

Sarsaparilla is useful when the primary symptom is burning pain that occurs with the last drops of urination. Choose this remedy only if this symptom is prominent and other remedies do not fit.

Susan treated her infection immediately by keeping warm, resting, taking homeopathic Pulsatilla, and drinking plenty of herbal tea. Using these measures, you too can safely treat a urinary tract infection.

Herbal Remedies Add Support

Use herbs if symptoms are too vague to guide the choice of a remedy. Many herbal combinations are available in tincture, tea, or tablet form. Teas encourage liquid intake, which is vital during a bladder infection. In fact, be sure to drink a minimum of two litres of tea or water daily. Cranberry and blueberry juices are also popular, but beware of those loaded with sugar, since sugar promotes bacterial growth. Also avoid coffee and spicy foods, as they irritate.

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