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I received a phone call from my friend Anne. She suffers from seasonal and other allergies and was getting fed up with the side effects of her antihistamines and steroid inhalers. She wondered if I could suggest some alternatives.

I received a phone call from my friend Anne. She suffers from seasonal and other allergies and was getting fed up with the side effects of her antihistamines and steroid inhalers. She wondered if I could suggest some alternatives.

I told Anne that allergies can be treated homeopathically in two ways. The ideal way is constitutional treatment whereby she would consult with a professional homeopath who would prescribe a remedy that would match her entire condition. The goal of that treatment would be the elimination of her allergies and the sensitivities that were provoking them.

The short-term solution would be acute self-treatment. Anne decided she wanted to pursue this second route initially. I told her about a few remedies that covered common seasonal allergic symptoms and said that if she recognized her symptoms among these pictures, she should give it a try.

I suggested to Anne that she take one dose (two pills) of the remedy that most closely matched her symptoms and see how she felt over a 24- to 48-hour period. If she felt better, she could repeat the remedy when she had symptoms. If she didn't notice any difference, it probably was not the right remedy and she should try another.

If Anne found a remedy that seemed to help and she needed to repeat it more than twice a day or for more than a few weeks, then it probably was not the best remedy for her and she should try another or seek help from a professional homeopath.

A few months later, Anne phoned to tell me she had gone through an entire allergy season with no drugs! She had tried Nux vomica and had experienced a 40-percent reduction in her symptoms, enough to lay off the antihistamines. To help her combat the remaining symptoms, Anne consulted a professional homeopath.

If you too suffer from debilitating allergies, there is sure to be a homeopathic remedy out there to help. It's just a matter of finding the perfect match.

Fight Allergies with Homeopathy

It was actually a homeopath Dr. Charles Blackley who, in the 1870s, first drew the connection between seasonal allergies and pollen. These days, self prescribed homeopathic remedies for allergies can be found in your local health food store, and are best purchased in a 6C, 9C, or 12C potency.

Allium cepa

This is made from red onions. When we peel onions, tears pour out, our eyes get itchy, and we want to rub them. People needing Allium cepa will often also have a profuse acrid watery nasal discharge that burns the skin around their nose. They feel better outside and worse inside in a warm room.


Those requiring Euphrasia (eyebright) experience the reverse symptoms. The tears are acrid
and the nasal discharge is bland and watery.

Nux vomica

People needing Nux vomica tend to feel quite irritable and intolerant of others when their allergies are bothering them. A draft of cold air can trigger a bout of sneezing and they generally feel chilly. There is irritation, too, in the nose, mouth, and ears. They sneeze and their nose runs a lot during the day, with lots of watery mucus. At night, they are stuffy and congested.


With Wyethia, sufferers have an extremely itchy upper palate, extending to the throat. They try to scratch it with their tongue. Their throat feels dry and scalded and they clear their throat a lot, though ineffectively.


Sabadilla is good for a person with an itchy palate, who also suffers frequent violent sneezing attacks and possibly an itchy anus.


People needing Gelsemium (yellow jasmine) are worn out by the sneezing and coughing. They just want to lie down, and may have a dizzy headache, and feel nauseous. Gelsemium is often needed with a change of seasons, especially in spring and at the end of summer.

Galphimia glauca

Galphimia glauca is for someone who is very sensitive to the change of seasons. It is a remedy about which we know very little specifically. It has, however, helped sufferers with a broad spectrum of symptoms including hay fever, bronchial coughs, and hives produced in reaction to an allergen.



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