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Homeopathy for Kids


Homeopathy for Kids

Many parents watch helplessly as their children suffer from common childhood ailments. They balk at giving them antibiotics but there is an alternative.

Many parents watch helplessly as their children suffer from common childhood ailments. They balk at giving them antibiotics but there is an alternative. Homeopathy, one of the oldest forms of natural medicine, offers a wholistic approach. It treats the whole person rather than just the symptoms.

Before prescribing a remedy, a homeopath will consider the patient’s general demeanor, emotional state and response (physical or mental) to stresses in his life. Children quickly respond to homeopathic medicine. They have a natural capacity for health, healing and happiness and their history is unblemished by over-use of drugs or emotional trauma.

Homeopathy is safe, non-toxic and effective. Use it during bouts of minor ailments such as colds and coughs as well as for the following childhood diseases.

Chicken Pox

The incubation time is 14 to 21 days. Chicken pox is contagious from a few days before the onset of symptoms up until all the water-filled (vesicular) eruptions have crusted over. It may start with a mild fever, headaches, malaise and sore throat.

The rash starts as spots, which turn to vesicles that come out in crops and can linger for a few days to two weeks. These water-filled blisters then become crusty and dry up. Eruptions are rarely on the face and extremities They usually predominate on the upper trunk.

Antimonium crudum

  • child is irritable, impossible to satisfy

  • wants to be left completely alone

  • thickly coated white tongue

  • accompanying cough or bronchitis

Antimonium tartaricum

  • drowsy, sluggish, miserable

  • accompanying cough or bronchitis

  • rash is slow to show itself

  • pus-filled eruptions

  • accompanying nausea


  • weepy, needs affection and company

  • dislikes the warmth, likes fresh air

  • possible lack of thirst and fever

Rhus toxicodendron

  • intense itching and restlessness

  • tosses and turns because of the itching

  • a good remedy to consider first if itching is the only symptom

It is important to remember that, if a cough is present, you should take this into account when selecting the right remedy. Always check the tongue to tell whether your child needs Antimonium crudum or Antimonium tartaricum.

Potency and Repetition

For all these remedies, one dose of 12C every three to four hours, for a couple of days.


  • often indicated near the end if the chicken pox drags on

  • itching worse when the child is warm in bed or in a warm bath

  • irresistible need to scratch

Potency and Repetition

One dose of Sulphur 30C every three hours, for three doses

Common-Sense Measures

  • A bland diet that’s easy to digest

  • No ointments to suppress the eruptions, they must be allowed to come out

  • Lukewarm wet compresses may help reduce the itching

  • Olive oil applied externally may also help itching


Mumps is a contagious disease causing painful enlargement of the salivary glands. Mumps is rarely seen in children under two and is usually not a serious problem. The only difficulty can be when it strikes boys after they have reached puberty, when it can affect the testicles. Infants up to one year are usually immune.

The incubation period is 14 to 24 days. Symptoms include chills, lack of appetite, headache and fever, which may last up to 24 hours before the glands under the ears swell. This swelling makes the child look like a chipmunk storing food. The temperature may rise when the glands swell. Swelling generally reaches its maximum severity on the second day and is usually finished within a week. The swelling usually starts on one side, subsiding just as the other side starts to swell up.


  • sudden onset

  • high fever, red eyes, restlessness, anxiety, fear

  • dry, barking cough


  • sudden onset

  • high fever with bright red face, red eyes

  • miserable, irritable mood

Ferrum phosphoricum

  • fever at the beginning with pink cheeks and only a few other symptoms, if any

Potency and Repetition

These remedies can be given in the 12C or 30C potency every one to five hours for the first couple of days, depending on the severity of the symptoms. As your child’s distress eases, lengthen the amount of time between doses. Aconite, Belladonna and Ferrum phosphoricum are also useful at the onset of the measles.

Pilocarpus jaborandi

  • dry mouth accompanied by salivation

Potency and Repetition

One dose of Pilocarpus jaborandi 6C every three hours for three to six doses


  • left gland swollen and extremely sensitive to the slightest touch

Mercurius vivus

  • extreme sweat and salivation
  • extremely offensive mouth odor


  • swollen testicles (just one or both)

  • child feels worse for heat, better for cool

  • likes company, feels weepy

Rhus toxicodendron

  • left-side swelling

  • cold, damp aggravates the symptoms restlessness

Potency and Repetition

One dose of 12C every three hours for three to six doses.

Common-Sense Measures

  • A diet that is easy to chew and digest will help reduce the pain of eating

Parents are naturally anxious when their children are ill. It takes great courage to step off the beaten track and consider an alternative form of medicine. Homeopathic treatment does not make these illnesses disappear overnight, but can prevent complications, shorten the course of the disease and alleviate a lot of your child’s distress.



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