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Homeopathy When You're Pregnant


Homeopathy When You're Pregnant

Pregnancy, is a time of transformation. It is reassuring to know that, because the goal of homeopathy is to bring about balance and equilibrium, homeopathic remedies can be used safely throughout pregnancy.

Pregnancy, is a time of transformation.

It is reassuring to know that, because the goal of homeopathy is to bring about balance and equilibrium, homeopathic remedies can be used safely throughout pregnancy. If the pregnancy is progressing with very few complications, the mother may need only three to five remedies during her nine-month gestation. Arnica and Pulsatilla are the two useful remedies to consider. Others may be used as required.

Ferrum phosphoricum

If the mother is suffering from exhaustion, it may be due to low iron levels, in which case, the tissue salt Ferrum phos 6X may act as a pick-me-up. This additional minute amount of iron will enable the hemoglobin to make more oxygen available to the cells. Serious cases of anemia should be discussed with a qualified physician and homeopath.

Three or four soft tablets of Ferrum phos may be taken at one time and may be repeated as often as necessary. It should not be taken at night as it may cause restlessness. There is no worry about avoiding food half an hour before or after because the strength is so low that it resembles a mineral supplement rather than a true homeopathic remedy.

Ferrum phos is extremely effective at the earliest stage of a cold. Taken as soon as there are indications of a scratchy throat, runny nose or sneezing, it may quickly stop the infection.


This remedy helps reduce shock and trauma to both the unborn child and the mother. Whether the situation is an amniocentesis, a severe fall or even the emotional trauma of seeing something frightening, Arnica will reduce and remove the emotional and physical strain. It also minimizes pain and bruising, prevents hemorrhaging and cramping and allows for a restful sleep.

A dose of Arnica 200 CH can be taken just before the amniocentesis test. Should pain occur after the test, a liquid dose of 200 CH can then be taken.

Arnica will also prevent a threatened miscarriage due to a serious fall or a great shock. After such an accident, the woman may feel nervous, excited and bruised. One dose of Arnica 200 CH in the liquid energized form should be taken every six hours until the shock has dissipated. If a fall, blow or overexertion induces symptoms of miscarriage, this remedy can be given frequently–first as granules, then in energized liquid form.


This remedy is particularly useful in offsetting any impending miscarriage due to fright. For example, the woman who may have seen an accident or experienced some deeply upsetting news may become restless, fearful and disturbed especially between midnight and 3 am.


This is useful for the woman who is mentally and physically exhausted by short-term grief associated with miscarriage, abortion or marital separation. The woman may sigh and weep frequently, feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to adjust to this great loss. One dose of Ignatia 30 CH or 200 CH can be taken whenever these strong feelings overwhelm her. It is best not to take the remedy at night because it could cause restlessness. This remedy can be repeated as needed in granular form for up to three times at the same strength.

Cimicifuga (Actea racemosa)

If the woman experiences great pain and backache that is relieved by warmth or if she has rheumatic pain, this remedy will help.

Rhus tox

If there is stiffness associated with backache or muscle pain and the pain is decreased with warmth and slight motion, but increased with overexertion or lifting, then Rhus tox is appropriate. Remember not to bathe, shower or swim for a day after taking Rhus tox, as water undermines its action.

Kali carbonicum

This remedy is appropriate for low back pain that is worse between 3 am and 5 am. This pain may be accompanied by a bearing down sensation in the pelvic region. The mother-to-be who needs Kali carb tends to have a strong sense of duty and responsibility.


This remedy corrects the inability of the uterus to expand and enables the child to turn and descend head first into the birth canal prior to delivery. During the 33rd week (the seventh month), the mother can take Pulsatilla 30 CH once a day for a few weeks, initially in granules, but after that in energized liquid form. From weeks 33 to 36 there is still time for the child to turn without stress. If the child has still not descended by week 36, one dose of Pulsatilla 200 CH can be taken–again start with granules and repeat in the liquid energized form 10 days later. In this way, Pulsatilla will help avoid breech and other abnormal presentations. These time guidelines generally apply to the first pregnancy. In subsequent pregnancies the child may not descend and engage until later, but Pulsatilla can still facilitate proper positioning of the infant prior to birth.

Pulsatilla is especially suitable if the mother is tearful, feels better in the open air and uncomfortable in a warm room. Further clues are thirstlessness and a co-operative, easygoing disposition.

Calcarea phosphate

When taken by the mother during her pregnancy, a double dose of Calcarea phos 30 CH followed 10 days later by a single dose of the same remedy at 200 CH helps to facilitate bone formation. This remedy also ensures that the fontanelles [spaces] develop normally and that the child will walk and talk at the proper time. Note: Calcarea carbonicum is a deeper acting remedy and works in a manner similar to Calcarea phos to facilitate bone formation.

Carbo veg

This remedy, taken at six, 12 or 30 CH, helps reduce heartburn.


Caulophyllum 30 CH, first taken as granules, then as energized liquid as needed morning and evening is almost a specific [remedy] for false labor pains in the last month of pregnancy. These pains are characterized by a bearing-down sensation in the lower part of the abdomen.



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