Hot gear / healthy goods

Hot gear / healthy goods

SIBU Sea Berry Therapy Moisturizing Body Cream

This lotion gets skin-soothing power from sea buckthorn berries that are harvested in the Himalayas before dawn to maximize nutrient retention. Sea buckthorn oil is a rich source of omega-7 (aka the omega you haven’t heard of). Omega-7 helps skin regenerate. Sea buckthorn
berries also contain eight to 15 times more vitamin C than oranges (whoa!). Speaking of oranges:  did we mention this lotion smells like a balmy citrus grove thanks to orange and lemon essential oil? @sibu_beauty;

Mini Lumio+

This “book” is actually an LED lamp … and it charges your phone. (Insert your “illuminated manuscript” jokes here, calligraphy nerds!) If you’ve got a book-loving little one, can you imagine a more magical addition to their room or next backyard campout than this? Because of its pleated accordion design, the “book” opens a full 360 degrees into an orb of light. It’s USB-rechargeable, lightweight and portable. You can crack it open anywhere that’s dim and get some “oohs” and “aahs.” @hellolumio;

Ember Travel Mug and Ceramic Mug

These ingenious temperature-control mugs swiftly get your coffee/tea/matcha latte to the perfect temperature and keep it there. Ain’t nobody got time to wait for their scalding hot coffee to cool down (or to reheat their cold tea five times) once September hits! Use the mugs on their own or download the Ember app to save temperature presets for different drinks—and to receive a notification the moment your drink hits your preferred temperature. @ember;

Ester-C® Kidstiks

If your kids aren’t big on pills but do love glugging down juice, we’re telling you: this drinkable multivitamin and mineral supplement could be a game changer in your household. One packet a day of these sugar- and artificial flavor-free drink mix powders gives kids a solid top-up of vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium and more. Kidstiks are suitable for little ones on a plant-based diet and come in grape and tropical punch flavors.

Pacifica Kale Detox Deep Cleaning Face Wash

We’ve had a crush on Portland-based Pacifica for its range of vegan and cruelty-free beauty products for a while. (They infuse stuff with crystals! They have unicorn-forward branding!) This face wash cemented our love. The “kale” touted in its name isn’t just the leaves you love in salads. It also contains blue seakale … plus seaweed and clay working overtime for oily skin. Dubbed a “big fat detox juice for your skin,” it smells good enough to slurp. @pacificabeauty;


These little sheets of paper infused with organic spices keep produce fresh for longer. We’re talking two to four times longer! A sheet of FreshPaper can be tossed into a bag of spinach. Tucked into the bottom of a carton of berries. Cut into thirds and slipped into clamshells of fresh herbs. We’re stashing them everywhere we’re storing fresh produce! The sheets work for a month and are compostable when you’re done with them. @freshglowco;

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