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Hulda Regehr Clark Case


Hulda Regehr Clark Case

Americaâ??s Most Dangerous Woman is Canadian Hulda Regehr Clark, ND, PhD, born and raised near Rosthern, Saskatchewan, and now a world-famous, controversial 71-year old medical researcher, was arrested i.

America’s Most Dangerous Woman is Canadian
Hulda Regehr Clark, ND, PhD, born and raised near Rosthern, Saskatchewan, and now a world-famous, controversial 71-year old medical researcher, was arrested in her bathrobe last September. Held for 16 days in a holding cell in San Diego, California, she was given prison garb during her stay. She was then shipped--now in her bathrobe again--by two male deputies non-stop to Indiana in the back seat of an Indiana Brown County police car which drove 3,542 kilometres ( 2,200 miles) in 37 and a half hours.

Her crime? Seven years ago, after retiring as a medical researcher at the University of Indiana, Dr Clark conducted her own HIV/AIDS research to see whether her protocol would help HIV patients. It did. She became the subject of an inquiry by two undercover Indiana State investigators. In disgust, she moved her research project to California and Mexico.

Nothing ever came of the investigation until September 20, 1999. The FBI, acting on a fugitive warrant issued shortly before by recently newly elected Brown County Indiana Prosecutor James Oliver, arrested Dr Clark at her San Diego home. Oliver had recently married one of the original investigators involved in the old case. Two earlier prosecutors had declined to prosecute Dr Clark after the investigation.

Family and friends obtained her release on bail and she awaits trial.

Dr Clark is the controversial author of top selling books such as The Cure For All Cancers, The Cure For All Diseases, The Cure For HIV/AIDS and The Cure For Advanced Cancers.

Dr Clark had been in university medical research since she received her Master’s Degree from the University of Minnesota at the age of 20. As an award winning research scientist, Dr Clark, through extensive testing and case studies, has found the markers and methods to get rid of the causes of diseases such as cancer, HIV and other diseases.

Conventional medicine, with its billion-dollar-a-year cancer industry, is threatened by scientific methods that are non-invasive, do not include a vast pharmaceutical expenditure and, most importantly, often work. One can see how that would make her a dangerous offender.

People all over the world are raising funds for this Canadian woman who lives in California and practices medicine across the border in Mexico. (In Mexico, it is legal to heal people without a license or the health police bearing down on you with arrest warrants.)

Her brother, Leo Regehr, who now lives in Edmonton, Alberta, said his family was raised in Rosthern, Saskatchewan and all, including Hulda, attended the Rosthern Junior College. She got her Master’s in biology from the University of Saskatchewan in nearby Saskatoon and then spent two years studying genetics, electronics and biochemistry at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. As Dr Clark was telling me her story, from the clinic where she practices in Mexico, the line was disconnected and we were unable to re-connect.

There are Hulda Regehr Clark supporters all over the world, with a campaign in full swing. It is no longer just a defense fund (her first hearing was supposed to be in February but the new prosecutor said he needed time to investigate her wrong-doings), but it has become a public awareness campaign. It is a full-fledged offense campaign. Dr Clark supporters are actively searching out the people they believe are behind the attack on Dr Clark and gathering information for the prosecutor’s office.

Tim Bolen of California said Dr Clark supporters believe that what is being done to Hulda Clark has happened time and time again to alternative health care practitioners in North America. He said this attack is just one more effort to discredit and discourage non-conventional health practitioners who disdain the use of drugs and surgery for more natural remedies.

Why are Hulda Regehr Clark’s theories considered so dangerous? They are based on common sense. Her primary thesis is that all diseases rampant in the human body flourish because the natural immune system is incapable of dealing with them due to factors that can and should be changed and controlled.

Simply, she says we need to get rid of parasites, toxins, viruses and harmful bacteria in the body and keep it out on a daily basis.

Dr Clark says the medical establishment tells North Americans that parasites in their bodies are of no concern.

I think most of us would beg to differ.

The Dr Clark Defence Fund is located at 1055 Bay Boulevard, Chula Vista, California 91911-1628.

By all means, let us do all we can to support Dr Jozef Krop in his fight for our right to health freedom choices in Canada, but let us remember there are other doctors trying to keep our rights alive too. Another Canadian, in this case.



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