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BIJA African Adventure Sweepstakes</P> Flora Manufacturing is proud to introduce BIJA Healing Teas to the Canadian market.

BIJA African Adventure Sweepstakes

Flora Manufacturing is proud to introduce BIJA Healing Teas to the Canadian market. BIJA teas combine the healing properties and incredible taste of organic herbs and offer consumers an innovative and tasty alternative to medicinal teas. Formulated for the health-conscious consumer, BIJA Healing Teas come in nine formulations, each with a distinct flavour and function.

Flora is offering the chance to win a FREE African Adventure for two, which includes a 10-day stay in Cape Town, South Africa, a guided safari excursion and a tour of a rooibos tea plantation. To be eligible, individuals must correctly answer three questions about BIJA Healing Teas. Entry forms and answers to these questions can be found in the BIJA Healing Teas from Around the World information booklet, available free at your local health food store or natural pharmacy and online at No purchase is necessary to enter.

Penta Water Is Now Available In Canadian Health Food Stores

Penta purified drinking water is now available in health food stores, spas, gyms and other retail outlets across Canada.

Bio-hydration Reseach Lab, Inc. (San Diego, Calif.), makers of Penta purified drinking water, has new scientific proof that Penta water is truly different than other drinking waters. Scientific studies done at Scripps Research Institute, University of Southern California San Diego (UCSD) show that Penta water penetrates water channels in the body called aquaporins more quickly, thereby resulting in faster cell hydration. Other studies show that Penta water significantly enhances cell life (Intella Biosciences of San Diego), increases intercellular pH (University of Moscow Russia Biology Department) and helps improve athletic performance (University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minn.). Increasingly popular in the US, Penta water is personally endorsed by professional athletes who claim that Penta helps them recover faster between workouts as well as increase endurance. Penta's patented purification process makes it one of the purest drinking waters available to consumers. Penta is free of chlorine, fluoride, bromide, arsenic, asbestos and hundreds of other chemicals. For more information on Penta water, please visit or call 1-877-779-7223.

Hgt Growing An International Reputation

To guarantee a steady supply of product, Hair Grow Technology Inc. (HGT Inc.) of Brooks, Alta., exclusive distributors in Canada for BIO-FEN, have negotiated a bulk shipping contract with Swiss Caps (Kirchberg, Switzerland). BIO-FEN pills will be shipped in bulk from Switzerland and bottled in a new, larger bottle by BioPak Ltd. of Edmonton, Alta. The BIO-FEN bottle label has been updated to maintain its Health Canada DIN.

In other news, HGT Inc. has been granted international distribution rights for BIO-FEN by the world patent holder. HGT Inc. is currently in negotiations with companies in 42 countries around the world for exclusive distribution in their respective countries. For more information call 1-866-424-7745 or visit

Abundance Marketing Announces New Web Site

Abundance Marketing is proud to announce the launch of its new Web site, Abundance has also completed intensive clinical studies on Formula 45X for women experiencing menopause. These studies and other product information are easily accessible on the Web site.

Garden Of Life Growing Into Canada

Garden of Life, the fastest growing nutrition company in America, is pleased to expand its product line into Canada. Garden of Life products are based on the principles of "whole food nutrition." Whole foods and their concentrates contain nutrient complexes in their complete form. The human body is able to recognize these as food, easily assimilating what it needs and excreting what it doesn't. In addition, all Garden of Life products utilize an exclusive Poten-Zyme process. This ancient method of bio-fermentation incorporates 14 strains of beneficial micro-organisms and their enzymes into the whole food ingredients, greatly enhancing nutritional value and assuring more complete absorption and delivery of nutrients at the cellular level. For more information call 1-800-622-8986 or visit



Innovation for Good: K9s For Warriors and Project Street Vet

Innovation for Good: K9s For Warriors and Project Street Vet

Neil ZevnikNeil Zevnik