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Leaving a secure career to follow your dreams is a risky move-but for Cornelius and Donna Pasare, it was also the right move.

Leaving a secure career to follow your dreams is a risky move-but for Cornelius and Donna Pasare, it was also the right move.

In 1983, Cornelius was working as an engineer at a waste management firm and his wife Donna was an architect. Disturbed by the environmental destruction they saw each day in Toronto, the Pasares decided to leave the security of their careers and create a company devoted to helping people lead healthier, more natural lives. Inno-Vite was born.

The couple started importing and distributing natural health products from a basement office, pursuing a mission to supply the Canadian market with innovative new health products.
On a limited marketing budget, Inno-Vite managed to grow steadily despite lack of money to advertise, thanks largely to enthusiastic word-of-mouth recommendations from store staff and consumers, who quickly discovered and applauded the company's quality products.

"Our products are effective and affordable," declares Cornelius. "And we're not prepared to jeopardize quality to expand the volume of sales. 'Quality' means not only the highest manufacturing standards, but also the efficacy of products."

The company has continued to grow and thrive over the past 23 years, thanks to the Pasares' keen ability to spot industry trends and opportunities in key product categories such as heart health, cleansing, essential fatty acids (EFAs), joint health, and eye care.

"We have been innovators," Cornelius acknowledges proudly. "In 1986, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to introduce a vascular cleansing formula that propelled Inno-Vite into its role as 'the healthy heart company.' In 1996, we were among the few who believed in the efficacy of glucosamine sulphate."

One recent innovation is Inno-Vite CoQ10 MRB, a patented coenzyme Q10 formula helpful for treating serious cardiovascular conditions. The formula is used today in Canadian hospitals, including The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Along with Inno-Vite DDS Acidophilus, Inno-Vite CoQ10 MRB won alive Magazine's Silver Award of Excellence in 2002.

Over the years, the Pasares have received countless testimonials from customers attesting to the efficacy of Inno-Vite's products. With a laugh, Cornelius recounts the story of one man who called to tell him, "Your PMS Plus product saved my marriage!"

In addition to discovering and developing quality products, another of Inno-Vite's core values is educating consumers about how to stay healthy. The company's web site at proclaims: "We feel very strongly that consumer education is the responsibility of every associate in the growing natural health products industry."

To that end, Inno-Vite works with health food retailers and natural pharmacies to educate consumers by providing extensive staff training, distributing educational materials, and hosting informative seminars for both retailers and consumers.

Says Pasare: "We are proud to contribute to the good health of Canadians."