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International Pharma-Terrorists Attack Vitamins


Twelve million die from arteriosclerosis, cardiac infarction and cerebrovascular ischemia every yea.

Twelve million die from arteriosclerosis, cardiac infarction and cerebrovascular ischemia every year.

"This Codex Commission is overwhelmingly composed of representatives of German and international pharmaceutical corporations. Its aim is to set worldwide guidelines for vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other dietary supplements--and plans to ban, on a worldwide scale, any health statements in relation to vitamins, be it preventive or therapeutic....The only vitamin formulae which would be available would have to meet arbitrary restrictions of the Commission [and] the nations that do not comply with these restrictions are faced with economic sanctions."
Matthias Rath, MD, in a letter to Germany's Chancellor Kohl (1997)

Dr Matthias Rath is a German medical doctor and researcher notable for having worked with Dr Linus Pauling for many years in vitamin C research for heart health. He's now a global activist for the unfettered use of vitamin therapy. One of the strong statements from this feisty physician is that no one has to die of heart disease. Optimum doses of vitamin C, he says, are the answer to cardiovascular health.

Rath's major battle for the last several years has been waged against the Codex Alimentarius (international food code) and the suppression of vitamins and minerals as medicine (see editorial alive #230).

Codex is advertised euphemistically as a "scientific organization" created under the aegis of the United Nations as a "food standards program." In reality it's a pharma-chemical conspiracy led by the European Union to prevent consumer access to effective dosages of natural supplements.

In 1997, after a public lecture to almost 4,000 people in the Chemnitz town hall (Germany), Rath declared war against "the contemptible plans of the worldwide pharmaceutical cartel in the context of the Codex Alimentarius Commission." His published document ends: "We, the people of the world, declare that we ourselves will create [a] new health care system and that we ourselves are the cornerstones [of]".The basis of the new health system is to comprehensively inform and educate the population on questions of health--Health education will be a compulsory subject in school". Medical research and the registration of medications will be subjected to comprehensive public supervision."

"Support this program," he said, "and translate it into action in your city and your country--for your own health and for coming generations."

In 1998, prior to another Codex Alimentarius conference in Berlin, Rath publicly charged the pharma-cartel and its "accomplices in politics, media and science" with mass murder!

"Already the Codex Commission has had devastating effects on the health and lives of millions of people," he said. "Due to the campaign of lies and suppression by the pharmaceutical cartel, people are being conditioned to rely solely on prescription drugs. Twelve million die from arteriosclerosis, cardiac infarction and cerebrovascular ischemia every year.

"If the Codex Commission successfully implements the plans of the drug companies, then medical studies documenting the benefits of vitamin C as a treatment for arteriosclerosis will be suppressed, even censored. If all the recommendations are adopted, then even possessing literature about vitamin therapies may have criminal penalties!"

Last year more than 180 million letters of protest were sent to the Codex Commission. On Nov. 26, 2001, a crowd of more than 500 waved placards outside the Codex conference in Berlin-Marienfeld.

"Today and always," Rath proclaimed to the crowd, "we will uncover the truth about the Codex Commission. Health must remain a human right! Vitamin therapies and other natural treatments that are free of side-effects must not be banned."

The Matthias Rath Web site is Send a message to all international Codex delegates. Participate in the worldwide protest by writing, phoning or e-mailing Health Canada.

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