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"May you live a long life" is offered as a blessing in many languages and cultures. Life on this earth is indeed a blessing, if one is gifted with good health. Without it, life can be dispiriting instead of uplifting, overwhelming instead of challenging.

"May you live a long life" is offered as a blessing in many languages and cultures. Life on this earth is indeed a blessing, if one is gifted with good health. Without it, life can be dispiriting instead of uplifting, overwhelming instead of challenging.

In our prevailing system of medicine, health is more often defined as a negative an absence of disease or symptoms. This is akin to defining Canada as not being the United States. However, health is a positive and very real state of its own.

Longevity, that much-sought-after combination of a long and healthy life, is attainable for each of us. Groucho Marx said that anyone can get old we just have to live long enough. It requires not only that we support the natural power within us that maintains our health, but also that we use medicine according to natural law to destroy the diseases that we carry.

Trace elements, drainage remedies, vitamins, diet, exercise, adequate fluid intake and cell (or tissue) salts are a good start toward strengthening your power to sustain good health. It also is useful to have your constitutional remedy determined by a professional homeopath. Homeopathy is an excellent first line of defence against life's slings and arrows, and it will bring you to a state of equilibrium in many cases.

Of course, it is always best to discuss your case with a professional homeopath in order to determine and meet your individual needs. However, if in the process of aging, your challenges are great and require more specific remedies, the following are worthy of consideration.

Baryta carb is one of the major remedies used in aging. It addresses early degenerative changes in the cardiovascular and cerebral regions, as well as rapid deterioration in those who are older and show early senility. There is loss of memory; physical, mental and nervous weakness; and confusion, loss of confidence and possibly childishness. Someone to benefit from Bar-c might feel a heaviness of the whole body, making them want to lie down or stay seated. There may be swelling and induration (hardening) of glands such as the tonsils, prostate, testicles or ovaries.

Rhus toxicodendron is well known for its use in overexertion, particularly when the ligaments of the joints are involved. However, it also is a remedy that can help relieve the pain of arthritis. If you consider the analogy of an old, rusty gate that it's very slow and difficult on initial movement, but loosens up with continued movement you will understand when to use Rhus-t in rheumatic complaints. The discomfort will often cause the sufferer to change position frequently, appearing restless.

Conium maculatum is a remedy that can be useful when a partner has been chronically ill or has passed away. It helps with the pathology that can result from imposed celibacy, particularly when there are hard, stony glandular indurations or tumours. It also can be helpful in profound and long-continued weakness following exhaustive diseases, as well as in cases where there is paralysis that extends from below upwards.

Fluoric acid is suited to complaints of aging, especially premature aging. Someone needing Fl-ac has indifference toward those they love best and a hyperactive sexual desire, or lasciviousness. They may be pale and flabby with liver disorders (particularly if they are heavy drinkers). Bone pains, caries and necrosis of the bones are common, as are painful varicose veins.

Alumina is made from aluminum, which has been implicated for its potential to deposit in the brain and cause symptoms similar to Alzheimer's disease. One of its main symptoms of this person is dryness of the mucous membranes. A chief complaint is obstinate constipation. There also can be an inability to make mental connections, a weakness of memory, great anxiety and apprehension and a fear of losing thoughts or reason.

Selenium metallicum is indicated for men for whom the prostate is enlarged and there is dribbling of urine, semen or prostatic fluid. They may have sexual thoughts, but be impotent. This person, like Alumina, has constipation, but in Sel the stool is so impacted that it may need to be removed manually. The sleep is disturbed as well, so the person needing Sel will take frequent catnaps. There is mental and physical exhaustion.

Aurum metallicum is for someone tired of life, one who longs to leave this life. These people can seem serious with a touch of sadness. They are generally very conscientious and responsible, but they have a fear of failure and may feel worthless or incapable. They worry about neglecting their duties and failing their loved ones. They suffer deeply from grief or the reversal of business fortune.

Sabal serrulata is a remedy that acts mainly on the prostate gland in men and the mammary glands in women. The prostate gland may be enlarged and there may be a throbbing, aching and dull pain with painful and difficult urination. This remedy has also helped in cases of uterine or ovarian atrophy and has been known to re-establish menstruation and ease sore, tender breasts. It is one of the main homeopathic treatments for epididymitis, orchitis and ovaritis (inflammation of the epididymis, testis or ovary).



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