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Look Good While Fighting Cancer


Cancer occurs when the immune system is down and normal protective measures are insufficient. Cells within the body are defective or damaged. Most cases of cancer are preventable.

Cancer occurs when the immune system is down and normal protective measures are insufficient. Cells within the body are defective or damaged.

Most cases of cancer are preventable. If you do develop the disease it can be treated through proper diet and nutritional supplements and natural remedies that include cleansing with juice fasts and the use of medicinal herbs.

Conventional cancer treatment tends to alter the texture of the body's skin. Bruising and skin irritation are common side-effects. Conventional therapy also interferes with platelet production and blood clotting ability. This leads to small internal bleeds that show up as bruising or redness, all the result of harsh chemicals and toxins used to "kill" the cancer cells.

Unfortunately, many women have already had orthodox medical treatment for cancer and are now facing the results of chemical and radiation damage. This article is for you.

Treat Your Skin Gently

Remember that your skin is sensitive so use your fingertips in a gentle upward and outward massage starting at the base of the throat and moving to the hairline when cleansing and moisturizing. If you use a facial mask be sure to use one that washes rather than peels off. Soften your skin first with a damp warm washcloth, apply the mask, wait until it cools and then rinse off the mask with warm water to remove the residue.

Bring Out Your Best

Concealers are used to cover blemishes, abrasions, dark circles under eyes and scars. Pick a shade close to your skin tone. If you're also experiencing redness, then blend in a foundation for coverage and choose a concealer one shade lighter to put on top. Bruising can be camouflaged with a bronzing gel. Blush and lipstick provide a warm healthy glow. They highlight and contour your face.

Eyebrows may become patchy or fall out completely. An eyebrow pencil can add texture and shape. Look for a hue as close to your natural hair colour as possible.

Mascara should not be used by women with low white blood cell counts since they have less ability to fight eye infections or women who are taking conventional medications and suffer from dry eyes because of diminished tear production. A water-soluble mascara is easier to remove with less irritation. Make sure you replace your opened container monthly to avoid bacterial growth.

Other Therapies

Many cancer clinics offer therapies to relieve pain and reduce anxiety.

Aromatherapy is used during massage, through inhalation and in scented baths. Essential oils such as lavender, cedar-wood and ylang ylang assist with relaxation, while rosemary and basil are used to combat fatigue.

Massage brings emotional comfort to the patient as well as the family member or friend providing the rub. Proper training will ensure that the massage relieves muscular tension and pain as it provides relaxation.

An acupuncturist may be part of the cancer team. By using needles, or pressure on certain energy points to release the body's endorphins (natural pain chemicals), acupuncture relaxes muscles and improves feelings of well-being. Many people are plagued with nausea because of chemotherapy. Acubands or seabands put pressure on acupuncture points.

Alternative Cancer Treatment

If you have just been diagnosed with cancer find a health-care practitioner who is open to alternative therapies and who will help you set up an individualized treatment program. Conventional treatment produces many side-effects, some of them permanent, including organ damage and sterility. It contradicts the natural healing philosophy in which nutrients strengthen the body while chemicals destroy it.

There are many worthwhile cancer therapies like the Breuss cancer cure, Gerson cancer therapy and Johanna Budwig's flax seed oil therapy. Ozone, amygdalin and hydra-lazine are available at various clinics in Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Consult a professional about the various oxygen therapies such as hydrogen peroxide, dioxychlor and coenzyme Q10.

Source: Encyclopedia of Natural Healing (alive books).



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