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Materia Medica-Thirty-Four Homeopathic Remedies


It is important to find a remedy that suits the symptoms of your particular ailment. The better the remedy matches the symptoms, the more effective your choice will be, although not every symptom must matc.

It is important to find a remedy that suits the symptoms of your particular ailment. The better the remedy matches the symptoms, the more effective your choice will be, although not every symptom must match. Listed below are thirty-four of the most commonly used short-term homeopathic remedies


Aconite is helpful in the first stages of infection when symptoms appear with suddenness and intensity. Being chilled by a cold wind often causes the symptoms. If pain is present, it is quite severe, and the person's state of mind is anxious and restless. The typical cough is dry. If fever is present, it is sudden and high, with hot, dry skin. Chills can alternate with the fever, and a thirst for cold drinks prevails.

Besides acute conditions like fevers and severe pain, Aconite is very useful for fears or panic attacks following a shock or fright.

Antimonium tartaricum

Antimonium tartaricum helps expel mucus for people with loose, rattling coughs. The person looks pale, very tired, and may be wheezing. There is thirst for cold water.

  • Use Antimonium tartaricum if symptoms worsen when lying down at night, from warm dampness or in the cold. Use if symptoms improve with sitting up or in fresh air.


Apis is made from the honey bee, and is appropriate for strong swelling, stinging pains, redness and heat. It is useful for injuries, bee stings and signs of inflammation when heat is intolerable and cold applications provide relief. Typically, the person affected has no thirst.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with any form of heat, with touch, pressure on the right side, or after sleep. Use if symptoms improve with fresh air, cold applications or uncovering.


This remedy is well known for its excellent effects on injuries; it is the first remedy to consider immediately following any injury. Arnica is good for bruising and soreness which become worse with use and better with rest. Head injuries which cause dullness or shock, and muscle aches and strains from overexertion are often remedied with Arnica. Consider using it for jet lag, sleeplessness and overtiredness.

  • Use Arnica if symptoms worsen with use of the injured part, with the slightest touch, from motion or in the cold and damp.

Arsenicum album

Arsenicum album is useful for many different types of ailments including colds, sore throats, stomach pain and diarrhea. The person needing Arsenicum is chilly, exhausted, and plagued by an anxious restlessness. These are often associated with burning pains which warmth relieves. Arsenicum helps flus and diarrheas that are worse at night and that cause a nervous, restless anxiety. In chronic conditions, a clue that suggests Arsenicum is the person's need for order and precision.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen in the cold and damp at night. Use if symptoms improve with warmth and warm drinks.


Belladonna is useful for sudden, high fevers. People who are sensitive to light or feel very hot with flushed cheeks but cold hands and feet will be helped by Belladonna. Although the mouth is dry, there is usually no thirst. Belladonna is most useful in the beginning stages of a flu, earache, sunstroke, or any inflammation. It is also helpful for sudden, intense pain due to colics, menstrual cramps, and headaches. Throbbing and pulsating are typical characteristics.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with touch, jarring or noise, and if symptoms improve with warmth or from sitting up.


Bryonia is appropriate for the pain experienced from the slightest movement hence its use for injuries. It is also useful for chest colds with a dry, hacking cough that causes chest pains. Breathing is painful. Moving into a warm room often brings on a coughing spell. Fevers are slow to develop and the mucous membranes are dry. The person becomes markedly grumpy because of the illness.

  • This remedy is helpful if symptoms worsen with warmth, or the slightest movement. Use if symptoms improve with rest, pressure or cold.


This remedy is useful for inflammations that burn intensely, especially painful bladder infections with relentless urging. Urination is frequent, but it usually passes in drops. Painful burns, scalds and sunburns are also helped by Cantharis.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with movement or with drinking cold water, but improve with warmth or gentle massage.

Carbo vegetabilis

This remedy is appropriate for weakness and sluggishness. It is useful for fainting spells and persons near collapse with a craving to breathe oxygen deeply and to feel wind and air. Carbo vegetabilis should also be considered for indigestion or slowed digestion where gas is a problem and where belching brings relief. Rich foods high in saturated fat need to be eliminated from the diet. Circulation is poor and lying down tends to aggravate the condition, while sitting up helps.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen at night, with fatty foods, or in warm damp air. Use if symptoms improve in open air, with drafts, carbonated beverages, or belching.


Chamomilla is often helpful for intense pains that are matched by irritability. The rather strong pains bring out restlessness and extreme fussiness. Children benefit from this remedy during teething, colics and stomach aches. One cheek may appear red, the other pale. Menstrual cramps and intense labor pains are also helped by this remedy.

  • Use Chamomilla if symptoms worsen at night, with heat or after anger. Use if the child's symptoms improve with being carried or rocked, or with cold wraps.


China is helpful in cases of irritability, weakness and exhaustion from loss of blood or diarrhea. There may be night sweats, dizziness, anemia, ear-ringing or throbbing headaches. China helps indigestion when there is marked bloating and stomach rumbling that belching does not relieve. There is typically a noticeable sensitivity to light touch, but pressure relieves symptoms.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen at night, with a draft or a chill. Use if symptoms improve with warmth, bending or hard pressure.


This remedy is good for severe colicky pains that cause doubling up, with a desire to press something hard against the belly. Headaches, neuralgic pains and sciaticas may also be helped by Colocynthis, when firm pressure relieves pain. The pain is sharp, and can recur often. Anger or excitement sometimes brings on the complaint.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with anger or excitement. Use if symptoms improve by bending over, with hard pressure or warmth.

Ferrum phosphoricum

Ferrum phosphoricum should be given for colds, earaches and fevers in the initial stages, when Aconite or Belladonna are not indicated. The person appears alert and well despite being ill. Ferrum phosphoricum helps pale, anemic and weak persons who easily become flushed with physical activity and have a tendency for nosebleeds.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with jarring or at night. Use if symptoms improve with cold wraps, gentle motion or walking.


This remedy should be given for general weakness, where the body feels heavy, tired and exhausted. Achiness and chilliness are common ailments this remedy can help. Gelsemium is also helpful for stage fright, when the knees feel weak and the mere thought of facing any problem seems unbearable.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with anticipation or bad news. Use if symptoms improve in open air.

Hepar sulphuris

This remedy is given for splinter-like pains and hypersensitivity to drafts and cold. The problem is often an abscess, a cold or an infected injury. The sore throat feels like there is a splinter inside. Swallowing is painful and can cause ear pain. The cough is dry and accompanied by some hoarseness. Keeping warmly wrapped helps.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with the least draft, cold or touch, and if the person is very irritated.


Hypericum is very useful in healing injuries to the roots of teeth, fingertips and toes, all of which have an abundance of nerve endings. Consider Hypericum for tailbone or spinal injuries and concussions, especially when the pains shoot up and down the spine. Consider it with Ledum for puncture wounds and animal bites. Hypericum is good for sharp, darting neuralgic pains with tingling, numbness and crawling sensations in the skin.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen in the damp cold or with touch. Use if symptoms improve when tilting the head back.


Ignatia is a very useful remedy for acute grief and disappointment. Often, stifling emotional grief is the source of the problem and the nerves are taut. A constant lump in the throat is common. Although quickly moved to tears or emotional outbursts, the person prefers to be left alone. Often the person feels hurt by the least criticism, though they are highly critical of themselves and tend to be perfectionists. Insomnia, lack of appetite, sore throats, and tension headaches are a few of the many problems remedied with Ignatia.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with sympathy and consolation, from tobacco, or in the morning. Use if symptoms improve while eating or changing positions.


Persistent nausea during migraines, coughs or motion sickness is a strong indication for this remedy. The constant nausea is not relieved by anything, not even by vomiting. Coughs tend to rattle with mucus.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen while lying down.

Kalium bichromicum

Kalium bichromicum is a remedy for sinus or chest infections, where the mucus is particularly thick and difficult to bring out. It is also good for headaches that are centered on one small spot, that shift quickly and are triggered by very warm weather.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen in the morning or in the cold, and improve with warmth.


Ledum is the first remedy to consider for puncture wounds and insect bites (see also Apis and Hypericum). Cold wraps usually feel good, even if the affected part already feels cold to the touch. Ledum also is helpful for black eyes.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with warmth or at night. Use if symptoms improve with cold.


This remedy is used for sluggish digestion which causes bloating, gas or heartburn. Lycopodium helps colds and sore throats that are better with warmth and warm drinks and that have a right-sided tendency, even if they later move to the left. It helps emotional concerns like anticipatory fears, lack of self-confidence and irritability.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen between four and eight o'clock in the evening, or in a warm room. Use if symptoms improve with warm wraps, warm food and drink, motion, consolation and sympathy, or after midnight.

Magnesia phosphorica

This is the key remedy for colics, cramps, and spasms of pain. The person may double over in pain (as with Colocynthis) but there is a greater need for warmth than pressure. Walking about and rubbing help. Toothaches, cramps in the hands or legs, and spastic neuralgic pains are also helped by this remedy.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with cold, drafts, or on the right side. Use if symptoms improve with rubbing.

Mercurous solubilis

Mercurous solubilis is very helpful for colds, sore throats, and earaches where excessive sweats and bad breath are present. A marked sensitivity to temperature causes the person to feel too hot or too cold. Drooling on the pillow is noticeable during the night and a head cold often causes weakness and trembling. The gums feel sore and swollen during a cold, and mouth ulcers can develop. Diarrhea is also helped by this remedy when accompanied by other Mercurous symptoms.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with changes in temperature or at night. Use if symptoms improve with rest.

Natrum muriaticum

This remedy is used for chronic problems and also for acute conditions like colds, headaches and cold sores. Colds tend to begin with a constantly runny nose of clear, watery mucus and frequent sneezing. The skin is particularly dry and the lips cracked. Smell and taste are often lost, and salt cravings are typical. The person is chilly and in low spirits, brooding over problems long passed and choosing solitude even when experiencing loneliness. In chronic complaints, a long-term grief is often the trigger for problems and worries.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with sun, noise, consolation and sympathy. Use if symptoms improve in the open air or with fasting.

Nux vomica

This remedy has a very wide application, but it is particularly useful for ambitious persons who become ill from doing too much. Nux vomica can help indigestion from eating too much rich food, cramping, colicky pains from anger, or overacidity from stress. Warmth and warm drinks are soothing. Nux vomica also helps the typical symptoms of a hangover as well as tension headaches with great sensitivity to noise, smells and light. Irritability and impatience are often present. Nux vomica helps when sleeplessness occurs because of thinking about work. Other uses include bladder infections and constipation, and where urging is relentless but only small amounts are passed. Nux vomica may also be useful if the person has a cold, chilliness predominates, sore throats feel rough and coughs are short, dry, and irritating.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen in the morning, with cold or eating. Use if symptoms improve with warmth or warm drinks.


This remedy can be considered in cases of diarrhea, stomach pains and bronchitis, or when burning pains, a tremendous thirst for cold drinks and debilitating weakness are present. Phosphorus is useful when stamina is poor, or when overexcitement gives way to exhaustion and weakness. It can also be used if a person has a cold, is hoarse, chilly and has a painful cough. Bleeding, if it is profuse and bright red, will be alleviated with Phosphorus.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with overexertion, in the evening, from touch, warm food or drink. Use if symptoms improve in the open air, after sleep or with rubbing.


Pulsatilla is indicated for all kinds of infection, when the person's disposition is mild, affectionate and craving sympathy. Children become clingy, teary and indecisive when ill. It is useful in the later stages of head colds with the development of yellow-green mucus or for coughs that are loose in the morning, but dry in the evening. There is usually no thirst, even during a fever. Typically, there is a strong desire for cool, open air. The person must avoid rich, fatty foods.

Pulsatilla is a common remedy for problems during menopause, menstruation and pregnancy, whether they be shifting pains, hot flushes or changeable moods.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with heat, rich food or in a warm room. Use if symptoms improve with open air and gentle motion.

Rhus toxicodendron

Rhus toxicodendron is very helpful for injuries to muscles and tendons-if when stiffness sets in, the first motion is terribly painful; but once moving about, the pain lessens. Consider Rhus toxicodendron for overexertion, strains, and arthritis that comes on in cold, wet weather and improves with warmth and gentle motion. Rhus toxicodendron is also useful for a rash that is intensely itchy, especially at night. It is a very common remedy for chickenpox.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen with cold and wet weather, rest or at night. Use if symptoms improve with warmth, changing positions or continued motion.


Ruta is helpful for sprains and ligament injuries when the initial swelling and pain have passed. It is often used after Arnica when injuries still feel bruised and lame. Consider Ruta for eyestrain from doing detailed work and for injuries to the connective tissue of the bones, as in a shin injury.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen during wet, cold weather and symptoms get better with movement.


This remedy is indicated for chronic conditions where vitality is low. It is often useful when a hormonal imbalance is evident or when irritability, sadness and even indifference to work and family exist. The person dislikes company, yet dreads being alone. Sepia is often indicated for problems around the menstrual period, pregnancy and menopause, such as lower-back pain and nausea. Eating helps, but the person is turned off by the least smell of food. Chilliness predominates and strong physical activity improves overall symptoms.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen in damp, cold air, or on the left side. Use if symptoms improve with vigorous exercise, warmth, pressure or food.


Homeopathic Silica (sometimes referred to in texts as Silicea) is well known for its ability to promote healing by bringing infections to the surface. Silica is also useful when the body lacks the vigor and strength to heal, or when recovery is delayed. Silica is useful when overall stamina is poor, and there is a disposition for frequent colds, chilliness and chronic tiredness. Lack of self-confidence is often evident. Children have a tendency for poor weight gain, spinal curvatures, constipation and swollen glands. Silica is also useful for chronic, recurring headaches where wrapping the head warmly helps, for sinus and throat infections that persist, and for ill-effects from vaccinations.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen in the morning or with cold. Use if symptoms improve with warmth.


Homeopathic Sulphur is used for a large number of complaints. It is most widely used for red, itchy skin problems that are worsened by heat and bathing. Sulphur helps persons with a strong-minded, independent temperament who have a rather weak physique. Children are curious and open, though they can get bossy and demanding. They have a tendency to be messy. Burning pains are helped by Sulphur, including burning feet, head, stomach pains or hemorrhoids. Cool, open air is invigorating, except as a draft. Cravings for fat and spicy foods are often apparent, and milk causes problems. Sulphur also helps early morning diarrhea, mid-morning hunger and chest pains.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen in a warm bed, with wool, standing or bathing. Use if symptoms improve in the open air, with warmth or warm drinks.

Veratrum album

Veratrum album is particularly useful for acute, intense, watery diarrhea accompanied by cold sweats and weakness. Vomiting and diarrhea often occur simultaneously, and cramping pains occur in the abdomen and legs. Although there is thirst for cold water and cold things, they are difficult to keep down.

  • Use this remedy if symptoms worsen at night, with wet and cold. Use if symptoms improve with walking and warmth.


Homeopathic remedies are safe for pregnant women and the developing fetus. Homeopathic remedies have been used successfully to treat morning sickness and similar problems, and they are safer than most drugs on the market today.



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