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Natural Cancer Therapy

Six key components of a healing program


Natural cancer therapy focuses on eliminating the cancer cells but also focuses on stopping the process that initiated the cancer growth.

Conventional medicine tells us that to treat cancer, it has to be cut out or killed with radiation and chemicals. This perception focuses on the end result, paying no attention to the process that initiated cancer growth in the first place. Without effectively stopping the process, total healing cannot occur.

All of us have cancer cells within us, but the reason cancer develops is because the body is unable to regulate itself. Several elements block the body’s natural regulation including nutrient deficiencies, free-radical buildup, toxic overload, hyperacidity, and infections.

There are six key components of a natural cancer therapy program that not only focuses on eliminating the cancer cells but also focuses on stopping the process that initiated the cancer growth. Cancer therapy needs to provide the body with supportive materials, create an internal environment that fosters healing, re-establish the regulatory ability by removing blockages, and allow the body to heal itself.

1. Intravenous vitamin therapy

Large doses of vitamin C taken intravenously provide the body with this essential nutrient and ensure rapid delivery to the cells by administering the vitamin at a high concentration directly into the bloodstream. Vitamin C works to change the body to a more alkaline state, providing an undesirable environment for cancer cells.

Intravenous vitamin therapy also provides the body with an antioxidant that eliminates free radicals, which are molecules that have lost an electron. This causes them to actively attack and steal electrons from other molecules, damaging genetic material.

Toxins–such as heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, and byproducts from poor digestion and infections–overload our bodies, accumulate in our tissues, and block normal regulation. Intravenous vitamin C supports detoxification by converting toxins to harmless substances that are eliminated through the urine.

2. Enzyme therapy

Used since the early 20th century, enzyme therapy was developed by Dr. John Beard, who successfully treated cancer with pancreatic enzymes. Our bodies produce enzymes that act as a natural defence against cancer cells. Unfortunately, many people produce an inadequate amount of these enzymes. Pancreatic enzymes digest proteins, including tumours, and aid in detoxification, stimulating the immune system and fighting infections. High doses of enzymes taken orally between meals are thought to break down cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

3. Mistletoe therapy

Mistletoe (Viscum album) is a medicinal plant shown to be effective as an adjunctive cancer treatment. A healthy immune system can identify and destroy malignant cells and cancer-causing viruses, while a dysfunctional immune system can leave a body more susceptible to cancer. Mistletoe injections stimulate the body’s immune system, and may help to inhibit cancer cell growth.. European scientific studies have demonstrated that mistletoe therapy increases survival rates in cancer patients, prolongs survival times, and improves quality of life.

4. Good nutrition

The foods we eat are frequently deficient in vitamins and minerals; our digestive systems are often compromised, leading to ineffective absorption of essential nutrients. Eating nutrient-dense foods is vital for providing the body with the materials needed to support healing.
The body needs to maintain an acid-alkaline balance within a very narrow range to function at an optimal level. An acidic environment disrupts the body’s regulatory ability, enabling cancer cell growth. A diet that restricts animal protein, dairy products, white sugar, processed foods, and peanuts, while supplying organic vegetables, fruits, and plant-based proteins, plays a key role in shifting the acid-alkaline balance to a more alkalinized state.

5. Drainage and detoxification

This step is crucial to support the pathways of detoxification and promote the elimination of toxins from the body. Homeopathic drainage is an effective, nontoxic, gentle therapy that promotes the excretion of toxins, balances the body’s energy, and strengthens constitutional weaknesses.

6. Mental-emotional-spiritual healing

The importance of the mind-body-spirit connection and its influence on healing cannot be overlooked. Cancer patients need to go through their own mental-emotional-spiritual healing journey, using relaxation techniques and working with complementary health practitioners. For true healing to occur, patients need to play an active role in their entire healing process.
With escalating cancer rates, it is imperative to know that natural medicine offers viable, effective cancer treatment options. Consult with a licensed naturopathic doctor for an individualized assessment.



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