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Natural Relief From Asthma


C. Leigh Broadhurst alive Natural Health Guides 64 pages, soft cover, $.

C. Leigh Broadhurst
alive Natural Health Guides
64 pages, soft cover, $9.95

Since the beginnings of urbanization and the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the incidence of asthma has increased dramatically. Today, incidence and severity are at an all-time high--and asthma is occurring in an ever-younger population. However there is hope to be found in the pages of Natural Relief From Asthma by C. Leigh Broadhurst.

A scientific consultant, research scientist and mother of two, Broadhurst combined her clinical experiences to formulate natural strategies that would allow her own children and others to successfully challenge the threat of asthma inherent in their genetic makeup and physical environment.

To this end, Broadhurst shares advice to benefit all those at risk--regardless of age. She offers information and strategies to reduce the severity and frequency of asthma attacks and related respiratory infections. Broadhurst's guidelines involve an increased awareness of one's environment, understanding the relationship between asthma and allergies, dietary modifications and the use of nutritional supplements and herbs as medicine. She discusses the problem with "puffers": how the body can build up a resistance to common inhalers, and how, at higher doses, their use can even increase blood pressure and risk of heart problems. Tried-and-tested natural alternatives are presented in short, clear sections that are easy to understand and simple to apply. And while she provides a good deal of information, this author keeps her subject well within reach and accessible to all types of sufferers.

The book's recipe section provides healthy meal suggestions filled with ingredients that are high in those vitamins most necessary to asthmatics. Chef Fred Edrissi's contributions are tailored to include foods that protect lung tissues and recipes that avoid using common food allergens.

Natural Relief From Asthma brings together a myriad of alternative solutions for the asthmatic to immediately put to use. As a health-conscious asthma sufferer for many years, I was personally gratified to note that Broadhurst's findings accurately reflect those natural solutions that best worked for me. I know this guidebook will help many. Asthma sufferers (and those who love them) should be encouraged to read this book without delay. Breathe freely, naturally.



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