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Papaya: The Healing Fruit


Harald .

Harald W. Tietze

How many of us know that papaya contains more vitamin A than carrots and more vitamin C than oranges? Once considered an exotic fruit, today papaya is readily available in most North American produce sections. Now a Natural Health Guide from alive Books opens new avenues of health by taking a close look at the nutritional content and healing history of this fascinating fruit.

Harald W. Tietze is a widely published scientist on topics of natural medicine. Here, he pulls together numerous resources--anecdotal, historical and medical--in a highly readable and succinct guide in praise of a most remarkable plant.

Sometimes called "the medicine tree," papaya is not just about the fruit. In the tropics, all parts of the plant are put to medicinal use: leaves, bark, seeds, root and flower. And while the focus has indeed been on papaya's use as a powerful enzyme and digestive aid (and more recently as a cancer treatment), Tietze shares many tips on how to use papaya both internally and externally. He provides a chart to indicate a wide variety of homemade papaya treatments for an equally wide range of conditions. The remedies are surprisingly simple and easy to prepare--whether in the form of sprouts, tea, oil, extract or tincture, to name a few. There are several skin care recipes as well; all can be made from common household ingredients and a few familiar essential oils.

The book's food section contains a colourful and tantalizing array of breakfast, salad, dinner and drink recipes, all of which pack a significant nutritional punch. Who could resist the colours, textures and flavours of Papaya Salad With Red Beets, elegantly served with Sweet Mustard and Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing over leaves of Belgian endive. These delectable recipes and more were developed by whole foods chef Fred Edrissi, well known for delivering simple, fine food with panache.

Papaya: The Healing Fruit is a health seeker's treat; a small book that teaches a great deal. Readers will come away with an intense desire to experience the colours, smells, tastes and health properties of this seductive fruit.

For more information on Papaya: The Healing Fruit by Harald W. Tietze or any of the other Natural Health Guides, please contact your local health food store or call alive Books at 1-800-663-6513.



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