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Patient Heal Thyself!


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By Dr. Jordan RubinFreedom Press, 2003
A Remarkable Health Program Combining Ancient Wisdom With Groundbreaking Clinical Research

If you've ever been confused by all the contradictory information about health, the logic behind this book's approach to eating is hard to miss--when in doubt, go back to the basics!

This first book from Dr. Jordan Rubin is an ambitious and comprehensive manual for health. It has a real "back to basics" approach to diet and nutrition, and includes results of rigorous scientific clinical trials on his formulas. That the results showed significant improvements in these patients' overall health is convincing evidence that he's on to something in his approach to healing.

The first chapter gives a chilling account of Dr. Rubin's battle with a near-fatal case of Crohn's disease, which caused him to drop from a healthy 170 pounds to 104 in a matter of months. After two years of unthinkable physical deterioration, he discovered the secretof homeostatic soil organisms (HSOs), regained his weight and his health, and went on to become a naturopathic doctor.

Dr. Rubin goes into great detail about how the digestive tract is really the key to overall health, and how it impacts virtually every other process in the body, including emotional and mental well-being.

I found the information on increasing longevityparticularly compelling.

He advocates "The Maker's Diet," which involves eating the way our ancestors did to keep ourselves free of today's degenerative illnesses. The importance of probiotics, enzymes, HSOs and immune system support is clearly outlined, as well as healing protocols for common health complaints, sample menus and a list of resources.

Patient Heal Thyself! is as inspiring as it is informative. For those who have been suffering from chronic health problems, there is hope written on every page. Look for Patient Heal Thyself! at your local health food store, or find a list of outlets on the Web site,



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