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A lot of things have changed in the last 30 years. But one thing Canadians have come to rely on is the unchangeable and unquestionable quality of Quest Vitamins.

A lot of things have changed in the last 30 years. But one thing Canadians have come to rely on is the unchangeable and unquestionable quality of Quest Vitamins.

Quest was founded in 1976 with six products and a clear mission to provide health-conscious consumers with the highest quality nutritional and herbal supplements available. Today Quest Vitamins is making more than 140 natural health products branded with its distinguishing blue label.

Health Care Partners

At a time when very few vitamin brands actually made their own products, Quest surpassed the technology of the day by designing and building a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that continues to rank as one of the best supplement plants in North America.
"We control all aspects of production, from raw material selection to manufacturing to packaging. A product like our best-selling Super Once a Day will go through more than 300 different tests from start to finish," explains General Manager Donna Herringer.
With more than 20 years in the natural health products business, Ms. Herringer values and respects the importance of consumer confidence.

"People of all ages are using nutritional therapy to improve their health and life. They entrust us to be a partner in their natural health care plan. That's a huge responsibility and we take it very seriously."

Quest for Innovation

Continuing a corporate tradition of researching and developing innovative products, Quest regularly launches scientifically based new products for improving the health of Canadians. Some of the more recent additions to their large family of products include TrimFit Advanced, Neptune Krill Oil, SGS™, and GABA.

Education Funding

A long-standing member of the Canadian Health Food Association, Quest Vitamins invests significant time, energy, and money into educating and informing consumers and
natural health retailers.

Dr. Weil Chooses Quest

When Dr. Weil's US brand managers investigated Canadian manufacturing partners, they chose Quest, a company with a stellar reputation for meeting and exceeding stringent quality

In addition to manufacturing, marketing, and distributing Dr. Weil's line of branded nutritional supplement products sold in Canada, Quest Vitamins, in cooperation with Dr. Weil, developed an in-depth nutritional training course. Completion of this course and passing an online exam are a prerequisite for any natural health retail store to represent the prestigious Weil line.

Dr. Weil donates 100 percent of his personal after-tax profits on his brand to support the charitable Weil Foundation, which funds integrative health research and educational

A Company with Heart

Quest is building a global reputation as a caring company that gives nutritional support to those in greatest need. In 2005, Quest donated thousands of bottles of nutritional supplements to victims of the Southeast Asian tsunami. Mozambique, a village dedicated to stopping the spread of AIDS through educating women and children received a generous shipment of vitamins to support their health cause. Here on the home front, Quest regularly donates supplements to charitable organizations dedicated to helping underprivileged Canadians.

Quest is a quality company. No question about it.



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