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Raising a Drug-Free Family


We are inundated with unnecessary medication

We are inundated with unnecessary medication. I find that in my practice, many parents are in denial because while their intentions are good, they have created a drug-dependent child without even realizing it.

Let's go back to the time when you, as a mother, just gave birth to your baby and the hospital staff placed silver nitrate in your baby's eyes; the assumption is that you have gonorrhea and so the baby can go blind if the eyes are not cleansed with silver nitrate. I have never made any sense of this procedure and find it very insulting to women. Many women don't question this practice and even worse, they are not even aware that it's actually taking place.

What about the time when your infant first showed a symptom that his body was fighting something (I am very careful not to use the wording that your baby is "sick"). You may have taken your baby to your physician with panic in your heart and the doctor most likely would have prescribed some sort of medication to alleviate your child's suffering. This is all done under the guise of being normal and rational. And this ritual is being performed by people who love and care for the child the most the parents.

These same people are convinced that vaccination is beneficial and so the baby is injected with a foreign, gene-altering substance no mention is made of the potential lethal and long term consequences of such an action. It's just a routine thing to do. A mindless action.

As this child grows up to be a toddler and perhaps gets an ear infection, the people who love and care for this child the most, agree to give the toddler an antibiotic as well as pharmaceuticals for fever.

When the child is of school age and has trouble concentrating and sitting still in class, the people who love and care for him the most take him to a physician, on the recommendation of the teacher in most cases, where he is labeled hyperactive and placed on Ritalin or some other psychotropic drug. The child is rewarded by the fact that he has now pleased the people who love and care for him the most with his new chemically-induced behavior.
When this child hits high school and has difficulty or experiences something that upsets him, the people who love and care for him the most take him to the family physician again, who prescribes some sort of anti-depressant that will help him "deal" with the upset.

And on it goes ad nauseum.

Even worse than the side effects of these drugs is the message given to children. From the time they are born, children receive the message that when they feel badly and their body
begins to do something uncomfortable, they should take drugs to help them feel better. The message is subtle. Slowly their behavior becomes conditioned to believe that this is actually normal. And we wonder where drug problems begin.

Do you remember signs stating "Say No to Drugs?" How can we? We have been brainwashed to believe they are good for us.

There are other ways for parents to treat their children's problems. Take chiropractic treatment for instance. This form of treatment simply removes interference to the nervous system so the body can function optimally. It's clean cut, simple and honest.

My Christmas wish for all my readers is to urge you to have your children checked by a chiropractor, naturopathic doctor or a homeopath not because children have pain, but because it's a smart thing to do. It will ensure they have the best chance for optimal health.



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