Sharing the Secret

Sharing the Secret

My son and I watched a DVD called The Secret. It has popularized the law of attraction: by focusing on what you want, you can attract it into your life. From the look on my seven-year-old’s face, I could tell he was making a list.

The idea of focusing on what you would love to have is not a new idea–it’s been talked about for centuries. Historical figures including Thomas Edison and Henry Ford attribute their monumental successes to the use of this principle. The law of attraction is even mentioned in the Bible.

If this law is true, what do most people want to attract? Better health? A more youthful appearance? Closer relationships? The law of attraction states that the universe is waiting for us to clarify our desires before it will grant them to us. What about the adage, “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is”? We can turn to the relatively new field of quantum science for an explanation of how the law of attraction works.

Scientific Evidence

Quantum physics has shown that outcomes of experiments are affected by what the scientist expects to see. Similarly, if a patient expects to improve, even when the therapy is neutral, the outcome is affected by what the patient expects to happen, creating a placebo effect. Researchers have found that the placebo effect creates positive results 25 to 75 percent of the time. The placebo effect is the law of attraction in action.

A few days after watching the video, my son came to me upset that the law of attraction wasn’t working for him. “Daddy,” he began, “I don’t think that the law of attraction works. I have been focusing for two days and I’m still not king!”

Like Tinker Bell waving her wand, my son wanted to become king just by thinking about it. Unfortunately, the law of attraction doesn’t quite work like that. Rather, the law of attraction will reveal the next step to achieving your goal. When focused on a particular outcome, for example, losing weight, the next step to achieve that goal will show up. The next time you’re shopping, a fitness trainer may introduce herself or you may see an advertisement for the perfect hiking program. It’s very important to hold a specific vision of the outcome you want to happen. Then, when an opportunity comes along that leads in that direction, you can take action.

Thinking Translates Into Being

The law of attraction states that whatever a person focuses on, more of that will be given. If a student focuses on not failing, by giving “failing” more focus, she dramatically increases the chance she will fail. If someone in a difficult relationship focuses on the problems of the relationship rather than the solutions, he will attract more trouble to himself. We use the law of attraction every day. We need to be careful about what we focus on.

Use the following tips to maximize your ability to attract more of what you’d like in your life:

  1. Create a detailed picture of what you’d like to attract. Clip pictures from magazines and post them where you will see them. Since you’re ready to receive the next piece of the puzzle, have as many details as possible clear in your mind.
  2. Create a regular routine for including the law of attraction in your day. Meditate, pray, daydream, do whatever helps you think about what you’d like for at least 15 minutes a day. Ideally, incorporate it into your morning routine before your day takes on its own momentum or before sleeping at night so your subconscious mind can be working while you sleep.
  3. Visualize how you’d like the outcome to be until you feel as if it has actually occurred. Keep visualizing until you are overflowing with enthusiasm for your dream.
  4. A state of gratitude increases the law’s power. Also, as part of your daily routine, review what you are grateful for until you actually feel the gratitude.

By applying the law of attraction to your life, you just may create the life you’ve always dreamed of. What have you got to lose?

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