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The physical trauma doesn't always stop once you're out of the dentist's chair. Those fillings could be made of mercury'a poison that harms your nervous system. And if fluoride was used, your body will suffer the effects of yet another toxin..

The physical trauma doesn't always stop once you're out of the dentist's chair. Those fillings could be made of mercury a poison that harms your nervous system. And if fluoride was used, your body will suffer the effects of yet another toxin.

Fortunately, consumers are getting filled in on an alternative approach to dental care wholistic dentistry. Also called biological dentistry, wholistic dentistry focuses not just on the teeth, but also on the mouth and its surrounding areas as part of a dynamic, biological system that profoundly influences overall health and well-being. Wholistic dentists consider poor dental health to be an early warning system for specific disease processes such as diabetes and heart disease.

Today, there is a groundswell of demand for wholistic dentists. Increased knowledge, desire for an improved quality of life, and dissatisfaction with traditional health-care delivery have triggered a quest for a different, more co-creative healer-patient relationship. For most people, the main concerns involve two major dental standbys mercury amalgams and fluoride.

Poisons In Your Mouth

When the American Society of Dental Surgeons was founded in 1840, members had to pledge not to use mercury in dental restorations. In fact, contravention of this pledge could have resulted in suspension and accusations of "malpractice for using silver-mercury fillings."

This significant but little-known fact marked the genesis of wholistic dentistry in North America. Regrettably, this society was superceded by the American Dental Association, which to this day embraces the flagrant use of mercury in dental fillings as well as the use of fluoride. This association, as does the Canadian Dental Association, ignores the views that:

  • Mercury used in dentistry poses a serious health hazard. There is sufficient scientific evidence to warrant discontinuing its use. Scientists have found that low levels of mercury can affect future learning and muscle co-ordination of unborn children. And recent evidence indicates a significant risk for cardiovascular and immune system problems at low levels of exposure (Environment Canada,
  • "Fluoride causes more human cancer deaths, and causes them faster, than any other chemical" (Dean Burk, Chief Chemist Emeritus, US National Cancer Institute).

Wholistic Versus Conventional Dental Care

Glaring differences exist between a wholistic dentist and a conventional dental-care provider.

Wholistic dentists DO NOT:

  • Use mercury amalgam as a restorative material
  • Use fluoride for children or adults or advocate its use
  • Do conventional root canal therapy.

Wholistic dentists DO:

  • Believe the individual (the patient) is a complex combination of physical, biochemical, emotional and spiritual components, and that health reflects a balance of all four
  • Believe there's a significant connection between the mouth and the rest of the body, and that much can be determined about overall health by the colour and size of the tongue, buildup of tartar, colour of gums and quality of breath, to name a few
  • Restore teeth using materials that are compatible to the body
  • Become a part of their patients' health-care "teams," working with other health-care providers such as MDs, naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, counsellors, hypnotherapists, and ayurvedic or traditional Chinese physicians
  • Aid patients in becoming more educated about dental health, and dental disease (such as gum disease) and its relationship to other disease processes (diabetes, heart and kidney disease)
  • Provide support in the areas of nutrition and detoxification (especially where mercury amalgam replacements are considered)
  • Provide pretreatment such as biocompatibility testing, heavy metal profiling and electro-dermal screening.

In contrast, the conventional dentist is primarily concerned with the area above the neck and gives little consideration to the possible physical and emotional trauma resulting from the use of traditional dental procedures and unsafe materials such as mercury and fluoride.

Time for a checkup? Let wholistic dentistry open up a whole new understanding about health, illness and disease.

Considering Amalgam Removal?

Removing mercury fillings can be extremely hazardous to one's health if not done under the right circumstances by a trained practitioner. Sudden removal of fillings can release a large amount of toxic mercury vapour into the body.

Getting mercury amalgams and other noxious heavy metals safely out is a first and important step. Eliminating the toxic load from within the body is even more important. This requires time, supervision and patience.

Often help may be required; in some cases alternative treatment such as naturopathy, chiropractic care, massage or craniosacral therapy may be necessary.

The patient searching for a wholistic dentist can also request the dentist's protocol for amalgam removal, which should include, in addition to obtaining regular dental records:

Heavy Metal Body Burden Determination

This determines the levels of mercury and other heavy metals in the body through hair analysis (inconclusive for mercury) and stool analysis, among other tests.

Electro-Dermal Screening

This procedure tests for the health of your organ systems, especially the skin, kidneys, lungs, gastrointestinal system (colon), adrenals, immune system, thyroid (hypothyroidism). It also tests for candidiasis, possible cavitations (diseased jawbone) and provides information on your nutritional status.

Biocompatibility Testing

Determines the dental materials that will least provoke your immune system.

Observation of the Circadian Rhythm

The immune system is most vulnerable on seven-day cycles after the initial removal, so no appointments should be made on days seven, 14, 28, and so on, after the first appointment.

Nutritional Evaluation/Other Support

This includes support for the immune system, lymphatic drainage and elimination as well as an evaluation of vitamins and trace minerals needed. Craniosacral therapy and massage are also considered.


Important pre-, during- and post-detoxification of mercury and other heavy metals.



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