If the sweat is literally pouring off you and, creating a small puddle on the floor, chances are you are probably Spinning, Power Pacing, or participating in some sort of group cycling class. .

This instructor -led group cycling class on indoor bicycles is designed for a comfortable and safe indoor cycling experience. Johnny Goldberg created the concept of Spinning in 1986 while training for the Race Across America (RAAM), a grueling 4,800 kilometre ultra-endurance cycling race. Since Goldberg trademarked his Spinning program many companies such as Reebok, Keiser, and others have designed similar instructor- led group cycling programs.

Spinning is an amazing workout for people of all fitness levels, whether you are new to the gym or an elite athlete. Everyone can benefit from group cycling. The workout allows for persons of all fitness levels to participate in the same class, be it father and son, older adult, or aspiring athlete. The program is designed to accommodate all fitness levels and be able to provide challenge to all who ride.

The program is cardiovascular based with the instructor taking you on both a physical and mental journey. You may ride the steep climbs of the Rocky Mountains, the sheep- filled dales of Scotland, or sprinting along the winding coast of California.; However, you, the rider, are always in control of the tension; thereby, staying in complete control of the intensity of the workout.

Indoor cycling classes are conducted on a type of stationary bike that is designed with a weight flywheel, front wheel, and gearing or tension knob depending on the brand of bike. All makes of spin-type bikes are fully adjustable and allow for a more comfortable ride for cyclists of all sizes. New participants will need to attend class approximately 10 minutes early to work out bike set- up with the instructor prior to class. It is important that riders wear comfortable, breathable clothing;. Bike shorts are recommended but not necessary and a hard-soled, low -cut shoe is ideal. You will also need a towel and water bottle as riders usually sweat profusely and it is important to keep hydrated throughout the class.

There are many benefits to Spinning. This Classes are not choreographed so group cycling is as easy as riding a bike. It utilizes the largest muscle groups of the body: the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. This cycling journey is completely non-impacting on joints and is a great cardiovascular workout, combining both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems of the body. The workout encourages the use of stabilizer muscles that enhance body alignment and posture, both in the seated and standing positions used throughout the class. The greatest benefit to group cycling is that it is FUN! Participants spin to the beat of music. Many clubs and fitness centres have created rooms for spinning with disco lights and a night club atmosphere to encourage participants to get into the groove.

Get out there and try a Spinning class. No need to worry about poor weather conditions. Maybe you need that extra motivation an instructor will provide you with. Reap the benefits of indoor cycling., Unlike other types of aerobics classes the atmosphere in the class is very social and there is absolutely no worry of falling off your bike! Hop into the saddle, burn those calories away, and spin yourself toward better cardiovascular health!

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