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Spring Cleanup For Pets


Now that the cold and wet season is almost over, we can do a number of things to help our pets move into the lovely weather that lies ahead.

Now that the cold and wet season is almost over, we can do a number of things to help our pets move into the lovely weather that lies ahead.


One of the most common problems at this time of year is a cat fight that results in puncture wounds. The injured area may be very tender to touch and your cat may get gnarly when you stroke or pick it up. Homeopathic remedies for this condition include Lachesis 1M, Hepar sulf 200C, or Hypericum 1M given over a 24-hour period as three or four individual doses.

Often cats develop a large swelling or abscess in the area of the bite. If the area is not too tender, topical application of Silica 1M can be given orally three or four times a day until the abscess drains. Consult a veterinarian if your cat goes off its food. Hepar sulf in 30C potency can be used if the area is so tender your cat won’t allow you to touch it. Once the abscess breaks open and there is discharge, apply hot compresses with Epsom salt solution three or four times a day for about five minutes during each session. They allow the wound to drain further.

That Hurts!

In the spring, some male cats struggle with urination. A raw diet, or a moist diet, allows for more urination and keeps them “moving” better. If there is any hint of a problem with urination, consider the following guidelines:

  • If your cat experiences difficulty urinating for more than 24 hours, take it to a vet because some urination problems can be life threatening.
  • If there is pain and straining with anger, use Nux vomica 1M.
  • If there is whiny, clingy behaviour with the straining, use Pulsatilla 1M.
  • If there is blood and vocalized pain after urination, use Sarasparilla 1M.
  • If there is generally violent pain and straining, use Cantharis 1M.

All remedies should be given repeatedly every few hours until the cat is comfortable or urination returns to normal. If there is a reprieve but a relapse, then the same remedy can be repeated as needed as long as the symptoms improve. If a particular remedy is not working, then choose a different one. The poor urination could be chronic and may best be treated with the help of an experienced homeopath veterinarian.

Fleas Be Gone

For dogs, fleas can create major problems. A good solid raw diet and vigilant observation are useful in this case. Raw-fed dogs seem to have less of a flea problem than those fed dry commercial food. If you see fleas, spray an infusion of lemon directly on the coat every few hours.

With a little extra care, you and your critter can look forward to sharing summer’s sunny, warm days together.



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