Sprouting Back to Health

Sprouting Back to Health

At the age of 30, Greg Miller was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. He was told it would lead to lupus and Lou Gehrig’s disease and that he would be dead within a decade. He expected to spend his remaining years hunched over, his joints inflamed, his connective tissues weakened, in constant pain and ultimately in a wheelchair.

He embarked upon those remaining years with many a prolonged hospital stay, where he learned about pain, drugs and energy management. From natural health practitioners, he discovered digestion is the key to a healthy body. Greg’s weak digestive system required so much energy that there was not much available for the high-energy task of healing. He couldn’t sleep at night because of the pain, and sleep is typically a time for healing. Non-restful sleep and weak digestion meant that his body was degenerating faster than it could be repaired.

Greg tried all types of therapy but none could stop the progress of the disease. Neither were they effective in bringing him beyond the pain threshold for more than a little while.

Finally, his father-in-law, a respected organic farmer, told him of the incredible power of a germinating seed. Greg was intrigued. He decided to try using the biochemicals and energy of germinating wheat seeds to heal himself and discovered that chewing germinated wheat while in a meditative state could bring him relief from pain for a prolonged period of time!

The high energy and enzyme content of the seed was absorbed through his mouth as he chewed, bypassing his weakened digestive system and giving his body what it needed to heal. He could relax, sleep and wake up feeling rested.

This method was so effective at bringing Greg back to health that he started teaching and consulting to spread the news of this amazing method of helping soft tissues recover from sunburn, surgery, rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder belt injuries from car accidents and a long list of other ailments. He also documented how to use sprouted wheat to relieve pain and help heal injury.

It wasn’t easy, however, and many people had a hard time with the technique. The therapy is also less effective at night because wheat sprouts require active chewing. Finally, creating an extract of germinated wheat was suggested. An extract would not only cut down on active chewing; it could also be applied directly to the skin on areas of pain and injury.

With some experimenting, Greg developed a high quality, highly effective extract with plant chemicals present in the germinated wheat (Triticum aestivum) that are not present in the seed or the grass. These life-giving components provided by Mother Nature are carefully extracted at the optimal sprouting time to produce a product with amazing health benefits.

Then the extract was formulated into a spray which is easily absorbed by the skin to diminish pain. It is also effective when sprayed into a humidifier, especially for overnight use, or mixed with drinking water for internal use.

Now, 20 years after being diagnosed with a debilitating disease, Greg Miller is walking proof that everyone can walk tall and breathe deep.

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