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Stop, Rest, Revitalize!


We are busy people, always striving for more, reaching farther, moving faster. No wonder most of us feel tired much of the tim.

We are busy people, always striving for more, reaching farther, moving faster. No wonder most of us feel tired much of the time.Summer’s longer, sunnier days tempt us into still more activity, leading to exhaustion if we don’t leave time for adequate rest.

Lengthy hikes, bike trips, or long hours of gardening can bring aching muscles and fatigue. Arnica Monatana soothes the pain and inflammation of most strains, sprains, and sore muscles. But nothing beats an ounce of prevention: warming up, stretching, and doing less rather then more.

Too Much Sun

If you feel weak after a day in the sun, you could be suffering from heat exhaustion. This occurs when the water and electrolytes you perspire are not replaced quickly enough. While cooling off and sipping fruit drinks, take Veratrum album if you feel dizzy, nauseous, and experience cold sweats. But if severe muscle cramps accompany the fatigue, take Cuprum metallicum instead.

Confusion and fever after you’ve spenttime in the hot sun are symptoms of heat stroke, a medical emergency. While you cool off and waitfor help, take Belladonna for fever, bright red cheeks, dilated pupils, dry skin, and a throbbing headache. Glonoine is given for similar symptoms, but when the headache is bursting. If you have suffered heat stroke before , you are more susceptible, so keep these remedies with you (preferably in 30C potency) when you need to be in the sun.


Studying through the summer or working extra hours? Kalium phosphoricum is an excellent remedy for nervous exhaustion, when you are having trouble concentrating or sleeping. If an upcoming exam or deadline has you feeling weak in the knees,nervous and trembling, Gelsemium will help. Lastly, Nux vomica will restore you when too many late nights have made you cross, hypersensitive, and tired.


Many people suffer exhaustion from anemia, especially women with heavy menstrual periods. When fatigue persists, have your levels of iron and B12 checked. If you are taking iron supplements and other vitamins, homeopathic remedies can improve the absorption of nutrients so as to speed your recovery.

Although there are many remedies for anemia, China and Ferrum metallicum are the most common. Or opt for China when nervous exhaustion persists, or; sleep is a problem because your mind is busy with plans. Choose Ferrum metallicum if you notice that gentle walks relieve your fatigue, your cheeks are pale but flush easily, and the your mood is irritable.

Remember that exhaustion is your body’s way of saying “stop!” If too much activity, too much work or too much sun has wiped you out, stop, rest, and revitalize with homeopathy.



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