The Age of Clean Energy

The Age of Clean Energy

Space Energy Eradicates Fossil Fuel Pollution "Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe...Throughout space there is energy..

Space–both interplanetary and earthly space–is a sea of available, marketable energy. So why are we continuing to pollute our atmosphere and endanger human and animal life by mining polluting petroleum?

In the light of the Wiebo Ludwig story in Alberta, Canadians need to be asking those questions. The answers are in a book entitled The Coming Energy Revolution: The Search For Free Energy, by Jeane Manning.

About 30 years ago, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) raised crude oil prices. That precipitated an energy crisis around the world: line-ups at gas pumps, panic regarding oil scarcity, oil spills, pollution and devastating oil wars. Oil, it seemed, “made the world go ‘round”. Very little was said by either government or the mainstream press about alternative sources of energy.

The energy crisis evaporated. OPEC (including Canada) continued to drill more and more oil wells with cavalier disregard for human health. The barometer of oil and gas prices continued to change with the political climate and the general public became even more dependent on petrol for energy.

There are better systems in our modern era, but who will tell you about them? Not the international petroleum companies nor the government bureaucrats and elected officials who support the oil magnates.

This is the space age and the dense energy in space is well-researched as a source of power that is clean, inexpensive and readily available. But space energy would drastically change the way the world operates. The present economic system–which is based on electrical and petroleum energy–would have to be phased out. Once space energy is developed into marketable products–such as for automobile engines, cooking stoves, refrigerators and furnaces–all other existing energy production methods would become obsolete.

Jeane Manning reminds us that a switch is required–from a world economy based on fossils fuels to one based on abundant, clean and “free” energy!

“Politicians would be disoriented as they move from the familiar oil-war mentality to an unfamiliar situation in which there would be abundant power for all,” she says. “In comparison to the crumbling of the fossil-fuel worldview, the fall of the Berlin Wall would be a small blip in history.

“I believe we are in a new-energy breakthrough period with inventors developing revolutionary energy devices that could power ships, homes, aircraft, greenhouses and industries. This power can also be used to desalinate sea water, irrigate deserts and help fuel a massive environmental clean-up.”

In the present political climate, can it happen? If the billions of government and industry dollars misdirected into biotechnology research were channeled into researching free energy, the only losers would be the international chemical companies, their investors and their pawns in government.

Picture the changes. “You no longer pay utility bills or buy gasoline,” says Manning. “The electricity you use is free…You can live anywhere–from a mountaintop to a houseboat–because you can heat and power your home cheaply. You don’t have to be plugged in anywhere or use a battery.”

Physicists believe this scenario can soon be a reality–possibly within the next five to 10 years. But who will fund such invention? It will probably have to be the few major countries without oil wells-such as Japan–who are strongly motivated and forward-looking enough to seek new energy sources.

“Suppression [of this technology] is clearing away, as if the winds of change are blowing through the smog of past ignorance,” Manning says. “Brilliant minds around the world are making breakthroughs in revolutionary energy technologies…It is a coming energy revolution.”

Space energy goes right back to one of the 20th century’s most remarkable and least-honored scientist/inventors–Nikola Tesla, called the “father of free energy.” Now, space energy in the 21st century is being developed by physicists who stand on his shoulders to harness the free energy of the universe.

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