The Far Infrared Sauna

The Far Infrared Sauna

There are thousands of chemicals and heavy metals in production today that our bodies cannot process. Many of the toxins we have been exposed to are still held captive by our fat cells.

Researchers have linked this lifetime accumulation of toxins to many diseases and conditions. Diet and environmental chemicals may cause many kinds of cancers. We should therefore detoxify our bodies regularly to maintain health. In addition to dietary detoxifying, a technology known as far infrared sauna is proving to be an effective means, through profuse sweating, for removing embedded toxins from cells deep within the body.

Sauna With a Difference

A conventional sauna heats the air, typically to temperatures between 150 and 190°F (65.5 to 87.7°C). This super-hot air heats the skin by convection. Only three percent of this sweat is the body’s waste.

A far infrared sauna, on the other hand, is typically used between 110 to 130 degrees F (43.3 to 54.4°C). This radiant heat penetrates the body, creating a profuse amount of sweat–two to three times more than a regular sauna. Fully twenty percent of this sweat is your toxic load.

This detoxifying process is safe and natural, as the wavelength of far infrared rays (seven to 14 microns) are similar to those of the human body’s own radiant heat (six to 20 microns).

During exposure to far infrared heat, fat cells release their hold on toxins, which can then be whisked away by the lymphatic fluid through all subcutaneous levels onto the skin in sweat. The toxins can then be showered away.

Far infrared technology was invented 40 years ago in Japan. There it is used to relieve the pain of arthritis, strengthen the cardiovascular system, boost the immune system, reduce weight and cellulite, heal injuries, and purify skin, tissue, and cells.

When exposed to far-infrared-sauna heat, the heart works to cool the body down; the resultant increase in blood flow delivers more oxygen and nutrition to all cells in the body.

The Evidence Is In

The Cline Medical Centre in British Columbia found that far infrared therapy “can greatly assist in restoration of autonomic nervous system functioning…creating relief from muscle pain, excessive body odour, digestive complaints, visual disturbances, and dizziness.”

Sherry Rogers, MD, author of Detoxify or Die (Prestige Publications, 2002) has written that “far infrared wavelengths…lower lactic acid, stimulate endorphins, and kill organisms like bacteria and parasites. They penetrate tissues, detoxify cells by vibrating ionic bonds, stop swelling, improve lymphatic flow and blood circulation, and attract calcium to cell membranes where it is needed for healing.”

With the growing chemical load that environmental toxins can place on our bodies, the far infrared sauna delivers detoxification in the form of a stress-reducing, portable, healing chamber that’s low on electrical consumption and easy to install in the home.

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