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The Magic of Muesli


More than 90 per cent of all foods North Americans eat have been tampered with in one way or another through chemical farming, processing, refining and now genetic engineering.

More than 90 percent of all foods North Americans eat have been tampered with in one way or another through chemical farming, processing, refining and now genetic engineering. Accordingly, many nutrients that are essential to the human body and contained in natural foods have been removed, damaged or destroyed.

Not only are sugar and white flour products harmful to our bodies, but so are all canned and processed foods with their additives and preservatives. Even cooking vegetables generates substances harmful to the body, as well as causes the loss of digestive enzymes. Therefore, what we can expect from processed food is mainly obesity, disease and high bills for medical care.

The vitamin B-complex, for example, which is most perfectly found in whole grains, is practically non-existent in white bread and baked goods made from white flour. The B-complex vitamins are largely removed in the grain mills or destroyed by food processing.

Our ancestors ate a large variety of seeds and greens. Anthropologists found 45 kinds of identifiable seeds encapsulated in clay in the Stone Age cave of El Juyo in Spain. These seeds and greens completely satisfied all nutritional requirements of the human body; our 21st century bodies still require this Stone Age nutrition.

Making Muesli

The secret of food preparation is to enjoy as much as possible the unlimited taste of nature. Muesli is an example of a basic food for North Americans. The standard recipe is always the following: grind about 50 grams of organic wheat, rye or triticale in your stone mill. Soak the groats (crushed grains) at least half an hour in about half a cup of spring water if the temperature is around 70 degrees F. Do not soak longer than 10 hours. At lower temperatures, you might need a minimum time of one hour. Pour the juice of half a lemon over the soaked groats. Then grind an apple and mix it in immediately to prevent the apple from turning brown.

You may want to add a teaspoon of bee pollen or some sprouted wheat. To make your muesli more attractive to your eyes and more palatable to your taste buds, enrich it with 100 grams or less of either boysenberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, loganberries or blue elderberries. For added decoration, try pine nuts or hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, buckwheat or ground brazil nuts or walnuts.

Muesli Miracles

Wheat contains almost all nutrients required in the right amounts and in the correct composition. By eating muesli made from freshly ground wheat or other grains, we ingest all the vital substances they contain. Unadulterated carbohydrates, amino acids, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, aromatic substances and other essential micronutrients contribute considerably to our protection against a variety of degenerative diseases.

The B-complex vitamins in muesli also regenerate fat metabolism. They take care that carbohydrates are transformed into carbon dioxide and water and not into long-chain saturated fatty acids (SFAs). Those SFAs form an impermeable coat which would replace a permeable coating of essential fatty acids in our arteries and capillaries. The carbon dioxide is exhaled and the water is eliminated.

For all those who start this program with clear indications of degenerative diseases due to a long consumption of what we call the "North American" diet, it is advisable to prepare and eat muesli both morning and night. Within days, your digestion will improve. As soon as digestion is regular, the stool gold-brown, neither hard nor soft and free of foul odor, you can decide whether you want to continue eating muesli at night or if you would prefer to eat only one ounce of grain in the form of grouts or sprouts.

You won’t believe that this natural path to wellness is so simple. The trace element iron will improve the quality of your blood and magnesium will strengthen your muscles, in particular your heart. The vitamin B-complex of raw wheat will take care of the regeneration of your body’s cells, your nerves and your bones. What other food can do all of this for you?

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