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The Spa Tree



Is your holiday gift list challenging? Why not treat everyone on your list to a little home spa decadence. Pick one or more of the products on the tree to give to your loved and dear ones-and wait for the "oooos and ahaaas" of appreciation.

  1. Avalon–Inspired by a pristine field of organic lavender, Avalon developed its Therapeutic Spa Collection. It includes Avalon Bath and Shower Gel, Therapeutic Hand and Body Lotion, 100 per cent Pure Vegetable Glycerin Soap and a Natural Loofa Spa Mitt.

  2. Nature’s Gate–Bath Moods Foaming Bath Oil embraces flowery botanicals and exotic herbs. This skin pampering formula with therapeutic plant extracts and vitamin E leaves the skin silky soft. The choice us yours: Relaxing, Moisturizing or Invigorating formulas.

  3. Kiss My Face offers shower gels that work equally as well in the warm stimulating water of the shower as in the soothing relaxing soak in the tub. Whether the gift is for relaxation, stimulation, romance or for the athlete on the list, there’s a product for everyone–even a Grape Jelli just for kids!

  4. Derma E has taken pycnogenol and blended it with vitamins E, A and C to produce an exceptional moisturizing gel and cream skin treatment. For the woman or man who is serious about not getting older, put Derma E products on your list!

  5. Lotus Line is new from Ancient Secrets. A full line of hand-made products, it’s the ultimate skin balancing system. Made in Canada and free of harmful chemicals. A complete skin care line in an attractive blue gift package.

  6. Aubrey Organics–Blue Cypress Winter bath with echinacea and golden thread. Simply add to your relaxing bath water, allow the body to soak until totally relaxed, dry off and head straight for bed!

  7. SebaMed is made in Germany with the motto of "quality through research." SebaMed products are an excellent choice for those with sensitive skins because they’re gentle and pH balanced. Choose from the extensive product line.

  8. Petal Fresh–Natural Facial Care product line is a synergistic blend of floral, botanical and herbal ingredients. Team up Tahitian Noni C-Plex with Ginkgo Ultimate Eye Cream–the best things come in small packages!

  9. Treemenda tea tree oil products blend anti-bacterial, soothing and healing properties to work in the deep layers of the skin to restore new radiance and a youthful glow. A skin care gift for all members of the family.

  10. Weleda Body Care Gift Tin offers a sampling of Weleda, just perfect for giving. Weleda’s caters to more than just beauty. The genuine essential oils and extracts of medicinal herbs are also soothing and kind to your skin.

  11. Shikai Purifying Facial Cleanser, rich in aloe and with no lauryl sulfates, is the first step in the Shikai system. Add Daytime Moisturizer or Nighttime Renewal Cream for a total care package.

  12. Camocare camomile, organically grown in Spain, is rich in levomenol and essential oils. Camocare Soothing Cream is an all-natural cream that intensely soothes and softens. Partner up this cream with Camocare EPF (Environmental Protection Formula) for the perfect duo and daily moisturizer.

  13. Kalaya Emu Oil is now available in Kalaya’s Ultimate Moisturizing Cream, unscented and hand made. High in essential fatty acids-omega-3 and -6; this non-oily cream is quickly absorbed and is a long-lasting moisturizer. A wonderful stocking stuffer.

  14. Jason-Ester–C Lotion. This exclusive formula combines the "rejuvenating" power of ester-C with natural pine needle extract to create the most potent moisturizing, soothing and anti-oxidant treatment ever. This lotion will soothe and moisturize skin of all ages and types.


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