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Do you think about everything that happens inside your body? No

Do you think about everything that happens inside your body? No. Everything happens without your conscious control. You don't have to tell your stomach: "produce two ounces of digestive juice please," or tell your pancreas to "please make one-quarter ounce of insulin," or cortisone or antibiotics. You don't have to think about running your body because, along with the ability to create all the chemicals you need and the ability to run all your organs, you have within you an "intelligence." This is your "greatest doctor in the world" and it writes prescriptions for the "drugstore." This internal doctor sends its prescriptions for running the body along your communications network the nervous system.

The nerves send instructions from the innate intelligence in the brain to every part of your body. It tells your body what to do to remain healthy. As long as your internal doctor can communicate effectively with your body it will do everything necessary to make and keep you healthy. If the communication lines or nerves weren't working properly, your internal built-in doctor would lose control and you wouldn't be healthy any more. Your body wouldn't know the right chemicals to make, at the right time, in the right amount. You wouldn't be able to fight infections properly and a simple cold could turn into pneumonia. If your chemical balance is off, dangerous cells, which would have been destroyed, could grow into cancer. As a matter of fact almost anything could go wrong if your innate intelligence isn't properly controlling the functions of your body.

When the control mechanism of the brain isn't doing its job, your body is in a state of "dis-ease" it's not working right. That means you can't effectively adapt to changes in either your internal or external environment. So how do you get rid of disease and protect your child from it? First find out what caused it and learn a little about its anatomy. The brain sends messages to all parts of the body by way of the nervous system. It's your internal "Internet." The nerves that run your body exit between the bones of your spine called vertebrae. Much like the roots of a tree, they reach out to even cell, organ and tissue to convey instructions sent by the brain. If a vertebra becomes misaligned, certain nerves fail to transmit vital messages. The result is that the body is not able to do what the brain wants it to. This results in chaos and causes disease.

How can you regain control? All that's necessary is to correct the misalignment, so the messages can once more travel without interference over the nerves to the whole body. That's the job of the doctor of chiropractic. A chiropractor is specially trained to correct spinal problems, allowing you to enjoy excellent health. Once nerve control between your brain and your body is restored to normal, the right chemicals will be made again in the right amounts at the right times. The greatest drugstore will be working properly once again under the direction of the greatest doctor. That's what health is all about!

Your child's body knows what to do. Influence him or her to eat well and exercise so nature can work easily.

Nature's Law

The services of the greatest drugstore do not cost money, but they are not entirely free. Take care of your body, and your child's body, and obey nature's laws:

  • A whole foods diet so that the body will have good raw materials from which to produce the chemicals it needs.
  • Proper exercise so that this great drugstore will have its equipment in good working order.
  • Appropriate physical and emotional rest and relaxation.
  • Most important: a nerve supply free from interference so that all this fantastic equipment we possess will be running in a healthy manner. Then the doctor within us can control the drugstore within.

Source: Adapted from The World's Greatest Drug Store © 1994 by Ted Koren, DC. Used with permission.



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