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Thrive Alive Foundation: providing support to cancer patients

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Thrive Alive Foundation: providing support to cancer patients

Thrive Alive is supporting cancer patients by providing non-allopathic treatment to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be stressful enough without wondering how you’ll be able to pay for treatment. But for many, this is a difficult reality—especially for those who wish to turn to holistic or complementary forms of treatment.

Holistic medicine

What does alternative cancer treatment mean? It can refer to experimental treatments not deemed necessary by the Canadian government. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) also refers to anything outside of the scope of traditional Western medicine, including:

  • traditional Chinese medicine
  • naturopathic medicine
  • acupuncture
  • counselling
  • massage
  • homeopathy
  • vitamin and herbal supplements
  • yoga, Pilates, and tai chi

Chances are you’ve already tried one or more of these forms of holistic health care before. Indeed, many patients are turning to these forms of treatment for all sorts of illnesses and conditions. Often, people look to holistic medicine for prevention, to remain in good health emotionally as well as physically.

Contrary to popular belief, CAM and integrated health care is used in conjunction with traditional Western medicine rather than as an alternative to it, as the methods have different focuses and can both be helpful.

Integrated cancer treatment

Unfortunately, although the answer to the question, “Wouldn’t you try everything possible to beat cancer?” may be a definite “Yes!” it often comes down to cost, for the government as well as for individuals.

Although the Canadian government health care system covers many treatment options for cancer patients, it doesn’t cover cancer treatments not recognized as essential. These “non-essential” treatments include not only holistic and integrated medicine, but can also include chemotherapy drugs, depending on the circumstances and province in question. It becomes even more challenging because many cancer patients are seniors who may no longer have an insurance plan.

For those who don’t have an insurance plan that covers these treatments and can’t pay out of their own pockets, there are very few options.

Enter the Thrive Alive Foundation—an organization committed to financing holistic treatments for cancer patients. The foundation believes that every Canadian should have access to quality health care, regardless of socioeconomic status. Eligible cancer patients can apply for a specific treatment in their chosen form of medicine (integrative or experimental), which is paid directly by Thrive Alive.

The foundation also provides resources specifically for minorities such as women and children, aboriginals, seniors, and new Canadians.

Get involved

The Thrive Alive Foundation has an upcoming gala fundraiser aimed at raising money to provide support for cancer patients. The foundation also welcomes fundraising projects by individuals and communities.

For more information about the gala or to learn more about the organization, visit

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