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Vitamin Angels' Operation 20/20 Preventing Blindness Around the World


Vitamin Angels’ Operation 20/20 disperses vitamin A to children who are at risk of deficiency, preventing blindness around the world.

Here in North America we often take for granted the micronutrients our bodies need to take in to keep us disease-free and healthy.

Even when we choose to supplement with a vitamin pill, it’s often for an added boost that may offer extra protection or benefits. One very serious condition we don’t often see in developed nations is blindness that is caused by a deficiency of vitamin A.  However, a staggering 190 million children aren’t getting the vitamin A they need to survive and thrive, and are becoming ill or blind because of this.

An organization called Vitamin Angels is set on changing that by dispersing essential micronutrients to children in developing countries who are at risk of deficiency. By doing so, Vitamin Angels is enabling children to learn and grow into prosperous adults. The distribution of crucial vitamin A is their Operation 20/20 project.

In fact, according to Vitamin Angels, “just one dose of vitamin A twice a year can reduce child mortality rates by 24 percent in at-risk children.” Their goal for 2012 is to reach 25 million children under age five worldwide with vitamin A.

Brandon: just one example
Four-year-old Brandon from Honduras is one example of a child who has benefitted from vitamin A supplementation. Brandon was very at risk for vitamin A deficiency-caused blindness—even his mother is blind. With vitamin A supplementation, Brandon is energetic and healthy, and wants to be the Hulk when he grows up!

You can read more stories about children who have been helped by Vitamin Angels and learn more about the Vitamin Angels organization, including how to help out.

What does vitamin A do?
A deficiency of vitamin can cause blindness, but vitamin A also has many other functions in the body. Vitamin A

  • maintains healthy skin, teeth, skeletal and soft tissue, mucus membranes, and skin
  • promotes good vision
  • is thought to be required for reproduction and breast-feeding

Stay tuned for future blog posts about the amazing work of Vitamin Angels.



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