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What Can You Do with a Quarter? With Vitamin Angels, You Can Support a Child


How can a single quarter help support a child at risk of undernutrition? Vitamin Angels shows us.

Do you have any spare change floating around? Sure—we all do. But if you think that all we can do with a quarter nowadays is make a phone call from a pay phone, borrow a cart when doing our grocery shopping, or buy a gumball from a candy machine, Vitamin Angels challenges you to think otherwise: with one quarter, we can support one child for one year by giving her sufficient vitamin A for the entire year.

How is this possible? Check out Vitamin Angels’ infographic “How a Quarter Can Save a Child” to find out.  

About Vitamin Angels
Vitamin Angels is an organization committed to dispensing life-saving vitamins around the world, to those at high risk of nutritional deficiencies. Most of the time, it’s pregnant women, nursing women, and young children who live in very remote parts of the world that they help. Although we take vitamins for granted, the sad reality is that one-third of children around the world suffer from undernutrition.

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