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World's Healthiest Meal Achieved through Science


World's Healthiest Meal Achieved through Science

How do your daily foods measure up to the meal scientifically proven to be the world’s healthiest?

Scientists have created the world’s healthiest meal—ever.

It’s all thanks to scientists at Leatherhead Food Research, an independent British organization. Researchers poured over 4,000 different health claims made by food manufacturers and supermarkets and pared them down to 222 that were judged to be based on scientific facts—and supported by EU food watchdogs.

With the best scientific health food advice, the team at Leatherhead was able to combine these claims into a hearty meal with accompanying side dishes and snacks that promise to deliver the most cutting-edge health benefits known to men and women.

Originally devised as a project to provide healthy airline meals, there’s no reason why the groundbreaking dishes can’t be served up in any home kitchen.

Included below are some of the dishes and snacks and their associated health benefits as reported by the Daily Mail—as well as some links to alive recipes that feature similar ingredients.

The world’s healthiest meal

  • fresh and smoked salmon terrine (contains omega-3 fatty acids and DHA, which is good for the arteries,  heart, and brain)
  • mixed leaf salad with extra-virgin olive oil dressing (good for maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels)
  • chicken casserole with lentils and mixed vegetables (among the 80 health claims that this dish satisfies, it contains protein, which contributes to growth in muscle mass, and pantothenic acid, which  can help reduce tiredness and improve mental performance)
  • live yogourt-based blancmange topped with walnuts and sugar-free caramel-flavoured sauce (good for digestion, teeth, and blood glucose control)

Additional drinks and snacks

  • an original sport drink creation
  • for dieters, mixed berry shake (includes glucomannan, which contributes to weight loss for someone on a calorie controlled or energy restricted diet)
  • velvety hot chocolate (contains melatonin, which helps us sleep)

A healthy balanced diet

As always, while this new super-meal may be packed full of nutritional science, it’s important to eat a variety of healthy foods. This will keep your meals interesting and give you the nutritional benefits that your body requires.

Also, make sure to read up on artificial sweeteners and their potential pitfalls in our recent article “The Sweetener Paradox.”

What’s your take on the world’s healthiest meal? Do you have any healthy meal advice of your own?



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