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#2013alive: Connect with Nature: Get Outdoors!


There’s no better way to connect with nature than to spend time exploring a local park or nature trail. Make time this week to get outdoors!

It’s almost summer! What better time to connect with nature? This month, our 12 Months of Wellness series is focused on doing just that—spending time outdoors, and cultivating our own piece of nature, whether it’s growing a vegetable garden or indoor houseplants.

This week, we’re going to spend a day at a local park or nature area. Even if you live in an urban area, spending time in a park or green outdoor area can lessen your stress, provide physical exercise, and along with that, a myriad of health benefits.

30x30 Nature Challenge

Thousands of Canadians (including myself) participated in the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30x30 Nature Challenge during the month of May. We pledged to spend 30 minutes a day outdoors in nature for 30 days.

I wasn’t able to do so every single day, but on days when I couldn’t fit in time at a local park, I took a walk around my neighbourhood and focused on the grass, trees, plants, and birds. Nature surrounds us, but often we don’t slow down long enough to be aware of it.

At the end of May, I felt more connected to nature, more grounded, and less stressed. So let’s continue to connect with nature in June with alive’s 12 Months of Wellness.

Make a date with nature

Your challenge, should you wish to accept (and I’m sure you do), is to check out your municipality’s website for information on local parks and nature trails. Choose a park that you’ve never been to before, and invite a friend or family member to accompany you.

On Wednesday, I’ll tell you about my visit to a local Surrey, BC, park, and share some photos. Tweet us a photo of your local park with the #2013alive hashtag, or post a blog or Facebook comment about your day at the park. (Hint: if you can’t commit a full day, even a few hours will do). And follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to download your June 12 Months of Wellness goal tracking sheet!



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