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#2013alive: Get Political!


For our last week of August’s 12 Months of Wellness, we're getting in to the activist spirit. How can you make positive change in your community?

So far, our 12 Months of Wellness for August has put the spotlight on getting involved in our communities. Now, it’s time to use the insight we’ve gathered through all that learning, exploring, and volunteering to make a positive change in the world around us.

Perhaps you experienced something through your recent community involvement that caught your attention as being in need of improvement—or maybe you’ve noticed something unrelated around you that doesn’t seem fair or right. What inspires you to want to make a change?

Whatever it is that you decide to act upon, becoming an activist (if you aren’t one already!) is less daunting than it sounds.

Make your voice heard!

The word "activist" can bring to mind a pretty radical image, but there are tons of avenues for getting your message out there that don't necessarily involve chaining yourself to an endangered tree.

  • Letter writing and boycotts are time-tested favourites, but more modern forms of contact can inspire a change too. Companies, organizations, and politicians can often be reached in a more timely manner via email or online contact forms.
  • Attending a rally or a protest is a great way to show your support—come prepared with
    ideas to share.
  • Get your opinion out there in writing—creating a blog, using social media, writing letters to a local newspaper, or starting a petition helps to bring others on board.

How will you make a change in your community? Send us a Tweet using the #2013alive hashtag to let us know! You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and follow our blog posts to see how we’re doing with our goals.

Ready to keep on rocking? Download our August goal sheet to finish off the month on a high note.



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