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#2013alive: Just Say "No" to Clutter


#2013alive: Just Say "No" to Clutter

A great way to prevent clutter is to reduce the clutter you let into your home.

This week we explored ways to keep track of our treasures. The alive staff offered several good storage tips on Wednesday. Now that you’ve got your stuff organized, or are on the way to achieving a clutter-free space, next week we’re going to reduce the clutter that we allow into our space in the first place.

Duh! A simple, but brilliant plan: if we don’t let it in, it can’t mess up our space. It’s like making a pre-emptive clutter strike.

Prevent clutter

 We’re going to show you how to

  • reduce incoming paper clutter
  • sign up for online bill delivery
  • say “no, thanks” to unnecessary receipts
  • perform a 10-minute tidy before bed
  • keep a to-be-donated bin on standby at all times

It’s almost the weekend—a great time to get in a little de-cluttering activity. Let us know how your week’s going. Share your storage tips and solutions with us by using the Twitter hashtag #2013alive, or by leaving us a Facebook  or blog comment.  And remember to check out alive's Facebook and Twitter posts.



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