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#2013alive: Next Week: Update Your Resumé


Keeping your resumé up to date can be useful whether you’re job hunting or seeking a raise or promotion.

Where did this week go? I hope you’ve made time to review your work goals and set some new ones. If you haven’t, you’ve got the weekend to get cracking, because next week we’re going to update our resumé and portfolio.

Even if, like the alive employees, you love your job and aren’t considering a career move, updating your resumé is still a useful activity. Your resumé shows you everything you’ve accomplished and the extent of your responsibilities (useful knowledge if you’re seeking a raise or promotion).

If you work in a profession where a portfolio is useful, you can update that as well.

To get a head start

This weekend, here are a few things you can pull together to make updating your resumé that much easier next week:

  • your current resumé
  • updated information for references
  • important documents, such as certificates, awards, and samples

Keep in touch

Do you find updating your resumé a chore? Share your comments on our Facebook page or via Twitter using the hashtag #2013alive. Remember to use our September goal tracking sheet to monitor your progress.  



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