6 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Halloween

6 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Halloween

Whether your kids love Halloween, or just the kid in you does, follow these six tips to make it as spooktacular as possible!

1. Keep your pets calm and safe

Between firecrackers, fireworks, and doorbell rings, pets can find Halloween to be more of a trick than a treat! Use the tips found in our article “A Carefree, Scare-Free Halloween” to keep your favourite animals cool, calm, and collected.

2. Rethink your spooky makeup

Do you know what’s lurking in your Halloween makeup? It can be pretty scary! Novelty makeup and face paints can contain all sorts of potentially harmful chemicals, including suspected carcinogens. Instead, choose natural makeup—such as nontoxic eyeliner to draw whiskers—or use a wig rather than coloured hairspray. While you’re at it, check out our homemade Halloween makeup recipe in our article “Safe Spooky Makeup.”

3. Decorate naturally

Opt for eco-friendly Halloween decorations! Use pumpkins, dried leaves, spooky-looking branches, or spider webs made from twine rather than plastic versions.

4. Stay safe!

Tricksters abound on Halloween, and unfortunately, accidents can and do happen. Read up on these safety tips for children, pedestrians, and drivers.

5. Consider Fair Trade chocolate

Did you know that many chocolates we give out on Halloween may owe their start to what some organizations refer to as the worst forms of child labour? You can feel good about the treats you hand out (and indulge in) by choosing certified Fair Trade chocolate. Stock up at your local health food store.

6. Don’t waste that pumpkin!

What happens to all the pumpkin seeds after you carve your jack-o’-lantern? If you throw them out, that’s a lot of healthy snacks and nutrients down the drain. Instead, consider roasting them yourself—it’s easier than you think! Our simple steps will show you how.

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