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A Sit-Down With Rachel Werner

Author, certified holistic nutritionist, and alive Academy graduate


In her debut cookbook, Macro Cooking Made Simple (Chartwell Books, 2023), Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN), food stylist, and writer Rachel Werner makes understanding macronutrients easy, empowering readers to harness the power of nutrition to optimize their overall health and wellness. We caught up with this Alive Academy graduate to find out more about her journey through the Alive Academy program to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, understand a bit more about the doors that the program has opened for her, and explore how others can carve out their dream career in holistic health and nutrition.


What is it about food that you find so powerful?

Food is an integral element to living. Yes, it provides the nutrients we need to live—but beyond that, it’s also an axis around which numerous other components revolve: culture, socialization, memories. Our relationship to food can have such a profound effect on our quality of life.


How has your education at Alive Academy shaped your career?

My time as an Alive Academy student surpassed my expectations from start to finish! The courses, though challenging at times, provided a level of higher education which I needed to grow my career—and gave me the professional credentials that led to me signing my first cookbook deal. Plus, I now regularly create content for clients around nutrition concepts I learned about while getting my CHN certification.


Has your education through Alive Academy allowed you to connect with new people and audiences?

I started connecting with more people after I completed the program. Now, being a CHN through Alive Academy has opened numerous doors because others have a greater appreciation for my advice and skillset.


What have you found most valuable about studying nutrition?

Gaining a much better understanding of the complexity of micronutrition. The human body is partially fueled by numerous vitamins and minerals. Thus, it’s imperative that any recommendations for supplements and dietary changes be evaluated on an individual basis and customized to suit the desired health outcomes, plus other factors like lifestyle, budget, contraindications to prescribed medications, etc.


How does your education influence your writing?

The Applied Nutrition course material greatly expanded my scientific and medical knowledge as a wellness professional. It also has given me the capacity to pitch myself as a “source” to other writers and media outlets who need commentary or advice from experts for content they’re working on.


What would you say is your best advice for those looking to become a food writer?

Copious documentation—whether that’s jotting down notes while cooking or taking photos of eats and drinks you have while dining out. It’s good practice for future gigs you might get. As well, you never know how soon such details and images may be useful in some capacity!

You can catch more of Rachel and her inspired recipes on Instagram @trulyplanted.

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