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alive's February 2021 Challenge: Exercise for Heart Health

You'll Really ❤ Our February Challenge


Hey there, how was your month of plant-based eating?

The next stop on our wellness tour is an important one: exercise. That does *not* mean you need to sign up for a virtual marathon, like, yesterday. Exercise can mean walking your dog, stretching on your lunch break, or having a snowball fight with the fam—whatever makes you feel 10/10.

Adding exercise to your life makes your heart happy. It can even cut the risk of heart attack or stroke by up to 63%. We’re focusing on heart health because February is the month of love, but exercise has tons of other benefits too. Just 20 minutes of movement three times a week has been shown to lessen fatigue, increase energy, and boost immunity. Yes, please!

Show your heart the love it deserves by taking each day as an opportunity to get your bod moving.

As you probably know by now, each week of alive’s 12 Months of Wellness focuses on one mini goal as a stepping stone toward the bigger monthly objective. You’ll find the weekly focuses with key tips below. You can also download, screenshot, or print out our PDF calendar with daily to-dos.



January 31-February 6: Lace up those running shoes


February 7-13: Try something new


February 14-20: Involve the family

  • Go for a walk, rain or shine, outdoors after dinner with the family.
  • Play a fun and active family game like soccer, tag, or croquet. (Stuck inside? Try these active indoor boredom busters.)
  • Incorporate exercise in regular household work, like gardening, raking leaves, or shoveling snow.


February 21-27: Track your goals


How are you staying active this month? Tag us in allll your sweaty workout selfies on Facebook or Instagram and tag #aliveWellnessChallenge.



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